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I am hunt for female who Best chatting app for lovers tatouage

Links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more. It started years ago with apps like AOL Instant Messenger and has evolved into a plethora of options that all work really well.

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Links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more. People care more about their privacy now than ever before.

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Here are some great apps that can help you do just that. A few are specifically made for couples and a few are more general, but all of them will help make those loving words sound a little bit more personal!

Have loving conversations, just between both of you

Your information is only shared between the two of you. You can send private messages, mobile hugs and kisses, calendar reminders, custom sounds, video clips, photos, and much more. One of the best apps for couples! Between Between is great for long-distance relationships.

10 best messenger apps and chat apps for android

You share the location of the cities you both live in, so you can get automatic weather updates and more. You can also share private texts, voice mails, photos, and memories, and count down the dates to meetings and other events via your shared calendar.

Verizon Messages effectively replaces the standard messaging app on your smartphone or tablet, while adding a host of new features. Verizon Messages automatically sync texts between all your devices, including your desktop and laptop computers. Along with sending regular text messages, you can also send voice messages, songs, photos, and videos.

You can also draw on your photos, and even share your location with the integrated Glympse feature. Need a little help sending love notes to your Valentine? With Love Msgsyou just scroll through dozens of different phrases and expressions, pick the one that you like, and instantly share it via text message.

A simple but effective app if you are struggling to find the right words. Couple is another option for couples to have a private place to share texts, voics, photos, and videos.

Relationship app

You can even share cute thumb kisses. If you break up, your information is still retained in case you get back together.

If you are a regular user of Apple products, then the iOS-based Messages is another great option. Messages lets you text over Wi-Fi rather than SMS and it includes photos, videos, location mapping and contact information.

Messages also keeps everything synced across all of your devices, so you can pick up the conversation from anywhere. Robyn Wright is a social media specialist and blogs on her own blog, RobynsOnlineWorld.

Robyn has a love for family, technology, food and lots of apps! Connecting Your Mobile Lifestyle. Apps for Mobile Social Networking. Facebook Gets Personal.

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