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Looking for websites to go to when bored? Don't let boredom get boring. Even Steve Jobs was a fan of boredom.

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So here are some websites that you might not have heard of but are funny, useful, clever and infuriating — sometimes all at the same time:. This game is beyond fascinating. It drops you somewhere in the world on Google Street View and you have to guess where you are. The closer you pinpoint your location on the map, the more points you get.

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Don't fret, bored friend! There are plenty of sites other than Twitter or Instagram for you to waste countless hours on.

Besides, it's not like you could be doing something constructive at work or maybe, I don't know, go outside. That requires like actually moving or interacting with other humans. So if you prefer procrastination to productivity, this list of 50 websites should keep you amused for a few hours.

Or you could sit there and keep refreshing Facebook until something interesting actually happens. Turn on the lights or a disco ball in someone's home from your computer.

There is so much out there. and some of it is so good.

The site has been running since Pick a game, share a link to your room, and you're set. When doing good in the world feels too hard, just vote for good. It won't change the world, but you the distraction can be nice, even for a moment. Social Good.

50 websites to waste your time on

Via Giphy. How to create a Group Session on Spotify Listen to music at the same time as your besties.

How to disable Instagram's new sensitive content controls Instagram is now limiting sensitive content on Explore by default. Navigating the shady world of influencer cryptocurrency giveaway scams Is it rigged? How to make a private playlist on Spotify So no one has to know what you're really listening to.

Stoners, buy a t tip Avoid germs and make a fashion statement at the same time. It did not go well. I don't know why I thought it would be good. Black drivers get less respect from cops, body camera research shows Participants judged audio clips from police body camera recordings without knowing officers' or drivers' race or gender.

Naomi Osaka Barbie sells out after tennis player takes a stand for mental health The four-time Grand Slam winner has now been immortalised in plastic. Yes, we can reverse gray hair.

There are many more fun things to do online

No, we don't know why it works. Just chill.

Want your hair color back? Show your scalp to your doctor — and your boss. Jenna Fischer shares the 2 times she laughed the hardest while filming 'The Office' Remember that creepy clown painting?

News websites accidentally host hardcore porn, thanks to old Vidme links Be careful out there, folks. Best hookup apps and dating sites to find casual sex with no strings attached Expand your options past someone at the bar — or your ex.

14 ridiculously cool websites you never knew existed

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