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This is the sequel to a article about weird world records of sex — because of course there are more! The world is absolutely chockablock with sex acts that, while valid, still go beyond the pale of what most Biggest female squirt polite society will find themselves engaging in.

This extends to cultural aspects, as there are bizarre sex practises to be found all over the world. Horst Schultz is probably a wonderful man with a family. Maybe he gives to charity and is well-liked by his peers.

We shall never know these things. The legacy of Mister Schultz, by way of a Google search, extends to his world-record ejaculation. Honorable Mention also goes to Horst, as that far-reaching ejaculate is also the fastest.

Way to go, Horst! How Biggest female squirt orgasms have you had in an hour? Two at the very most? Well let me tell you; doctors from the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in California have recorded the case of one woman who enjoyed — or enduredrather — orgasms over the course of an hour.

The record holder for males? Just Honorable Mention: the official longest orgasm was recorded inwhen a woman had a second orgasm that involved 25 individual contractions. Check this out: Want to Have Multiple Orgasms?

After Biggest female squirt from his job as a travel agent at the age of 60, Shigeo Tokuda found something else to fill his suddenly empty schedule: pornography. Now in his 80s, he has starred in more than adult films — and all without his wife of 45 years knowing about it!

If you were Mrs. Valentina Vassilyeva, you filled up your time Biggest female squirt having as many kids as you can — 69, to be more precise. That baby total consisted of 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets, plus lots of individual babies too single serve babies? Honorable Mention goes to the most prolific living mother, Leontina Albina from Chile, who has 64 children.

However Mrs. Over his lifespan, he fathered at least 1, children — probably many more however. How did he find the time to do royal stuff, like sitting in thrones and cutting ribbons?

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Lining its shelves are penises, including one that once belonged to a human. His men collected 13, penises that day. The first couple to ever be shown together in bed on American television was Fred and Wilma Flintstone of The Flintstones in Honorable Mention: Captain James T. Born Tracy LaGondino, Thomas Beatie gave birth to his first child in after having undergone gender-realignment treatments and surgery back in His wife Biggest female squirt infertile, so he decided to keep his female reproductive organs and went through an artificial insemination in order to get pregnant.

He has since given birth to 3 kids — the first legally registered male to give birth. Honorable Mention: The longest gap between a first twin and second twin being born is 87 days. Honorable Mention: when it comes to primates, who has the biggest penis and two opposable thumbs? Humans have the largest penises, relatively and actually, compared to all primates. Take that, monkeys! Ever gotten a noise Biggest female squirt from the neighbors? Now imagine getting of them for having loud sex.

A couple in NYC garnered such a feat for their late-night antics, where the sounds could be heard from all six floors of the apartment building. To add to the spontaneity, the couple met in the apartment building, she as a resident and he as a handyman. They have been getting it on for over 5 years. Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin at age 84?

Still not anywhere near the oldest virgin. Not even Mother Teresa, who died a virgin at She was a secretary in her homeland of the UK, and regardless of your sexual secretary fantasies, Clara decided at age 12 that she never wanted to get married or have sex. Ninety-three queefs in one minute.

You could even bring up this fun fact. What constitutes a masturbation session exactly? Staying hard without cumming. I guess dudes have the upper hand in this category with their physical variables, which is why a man by the name of Drake Hardy was able to beat it for more than 10 hours straight. Being a science major, he understood the physical changes occurring and paired this knowledge with tantric principles.

Longer than a limo: furthest ejaculation.

Check this out: The Average Length of Sex. Her work has been published Biggest female squirt The Journal of Sexology and she is currently writing a book on love languages. If orgasms in an hour for a woman is a record then I just doubled that in 2 hours with my fiance she counted lol it was times awesome sauce.

Even so if you tried to ejaculate it would not stop for a while. Long enough to where you would not get any more within the hour.

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But, personally, the most I have ever done was 5 in a row, and that was back when Biggest female squirt just discovered porn. As for the longest masturbation, in my defense, the longer you hold out the better it feels so I have masturbated without ejaculating from to around 4 or 5, I think. Total session lasted till around something or other. Yeah, not sure how accurate this is. To the three anonymous people who as a group totaled orgasms in three hours and fifty minutes with superman handling 40,either you have no idea what an orgasm is or as I expect are having a little fun.

U r in the porn industry? I means imho, u have no idea what sex is.

Everything u know is pornography, roughly the opposite of good sex. And my husband is an idiot erudite who was a young teen once and tried to see how many he could get in one day.

Well he ripped most of the skin off and had to go to the doctor for a special ointment. Lmao definitely limits. My ex-wife had little experience and never an orgasum before we started dating.

After 10 years of pretty great sex she could cum in about a minute the first time and between 18 to 25 seconds till the next for as long as she wanted but we usually went for one hour and a long night for three. Her vagina and asshole both contracted like they were sucking what ever was inside either place.

She didnt know that it wasnt common for women to cum so good so many times. Still wasnt enough to stay married to the evil bitch. Well sorry whoever you are in the porn industry but those of us who are extremely orgasmic, know it all too well to be true.

I have actually had to look up how to not orgasm so much because of one guy I was with. Oh well ,…. But for those enquiring minds who want to know….

Most orgasms in one hour

I suggest a Cum Off! My boyfriend has an erect penis that is 11 inches long. He Biggest female squirt able to bury all of it while having deep anal sex with me. My husband actually contacted a scientist as I have been multi orgasmic for about 10 years or more. I am willing to be studied if any scientist is interested! Most of these comments are showing off and not actually talking about the article.

Also, I believe in human limits.

Regarding Mrs. Valentina Vassilyeva, 16 pairs of twins plus 7 sets of triplets plus 4 sets of quadruplets already total 69 children, so to say that she gave birth to any additional individual children would exceed the supposed total of I read this with a friend!! Very good info and quite a lot of cocks. I feel like it really depends on the person who is willing to go to the book of world records for a sexual feat, also Everyone is different, there was literally a girl who had a pituitary disorder that made her constantly orgasm.

But instead of going to Ginuess, she went to a doctor to find help. Id love to set the record Biggest female squirt longest time receiving a blowjob from a woman. Hi Donna and all of you great commenters! I barely got though the loudest love makers section.