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Read the full article online. If any guide lines were to be issued covering massage therapists, we doubt if those guide lines will be deed to cover the services that we all enjoy, were the contact with the therapist can be even closer.

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Details here. I recently went Body massage forum my first Thai massage at a place on Khao San Road. I had to wait around for a while to be taken upstairs As it turned out, I was led to a room crowded with a dozen people being massaged on floor mats. I wasn't quite prepared for such a lack of privacy. On one side of my mat was a naked blonde lying on her front with a towel over her posterior. On the other side was a fat old geezer with a little towel over his loins.

I was instructed to undress while the masseuse held up a towel to shield my privates from the side of the geezer.

Soon I was also lying prostrate with a towel over my ass. Is this the type of setup I can expect at most massage places in Thailand? Most I've seen have curtained cubicles, or if they're out in the open - like at Body massage forum temple or a massage pavilion at a spa or on the beach - the people being massaged keep most of their clothes on much traditional Thai massage is done through cloth anyway. At the very least many people keep their underwear or a bathing suit on except for an oil massage, which is usually performed in the nude in private as are of course the "extras" and "specials" now being discussed in another thread.

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Hehe with hundred of massages in my book, I never once strip down to me Body massage forum The nice legitimate massage places offer change to Thai sleepwear before the service. It must be Khao San Road specialty. With "traditional" Thai massage, you generally are given some loose-fitting fisherman-style trousers and top. Some oil may be used on the lower extremeties, but it differs distinctly from an "oil massage", which as 1 says is usually done in more private setting and means stripping down to underwear but is not "naughty".

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It's only when you hear the words "full-body" or "boom-boom" or the price suddenly goes to a grand that you know it's a "happy ending" or so I've heard. Oil free for me bare arse and still end up happy unlike somebodyelse. Sawa-dee krap. Absolutely not!

Body massage forum massage shops have private dressing areas, as well and Body massage forum screens or separate rooms. The only place that I've been that is not so private is Wat Po. They do have a private dressing area, but the massage area is open. I've also found that the ones that costs the most, offer the most privacy. It sounds like you got a budget experience. Its never ever happened to me! I did once have a very cheap massage at a place in Chiangmai that provided little in the way of privacy, but no nude blondes there shame really at least it had basic curtains between mats.

Just goes to prove that KSR is not Thailand! The Thais are very modest people and would not put up with what the OP exerienced as a client. My wife is qualified as a massage therapist in three different modalities, including traditional Thai She was taught about the importance of modesty, respect and what the teachers in Chiang Mai called 'polite behavior' in Thai massage and culture in general. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries.

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