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Do you find bread slicing is a boring task to get it done, especially when you handle it everyday? Although it is a simple task, we still need a gadget to get it done quickly.

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Freshly baked bread is rated as one of the most universally enjoyed smells. Once you smell it, you cannot help but taste it immediately. Using a good serrated bread knife is certainly an option that works well, but if you want a Bread slicer electric of an easier solution, you may consider investing in an electric bread slicer. The best electric bread slicer should have strong serrated, reciprocating blades for quick, even, and clean cuts.

You can also use most meat slicers to cut bread as long as they have serrated blades, too.

Product features

Depending on your household needs and wants, either an electric knife or a food slicer will work wonders for slicing bread. Using an electric bread slicer will help take the pressure off you — and your loaf of bread — increasing the speed of slicing which naturally in more even, less squished slices of bread.

Electric knives are great for slicing bread, especially bread that is hot and fresh out of the oven. There is only one extremely critical feature that you need to Bread slicer electric your electric knife has to make it ideal for slicing bread. It must have a serrated blade. Electric knives can slice through soft bread with crisp crusts with practically no pressure necessary, which means they will not crush, mush, or squish your loaf in any way unless you really manhandle it.

They can also cut extremely thin slices of bread much more easily than a manual bread knife allows, not to mention more quickly. What makes most electric knives extremely good at Bread slicer electric jobs in terms of precision are the reciprocating blades.

Electric knives will typically have two blades that work together to create a push-pull cutting action. As one blade saws forward, the other saws backwardgetting twice the amount of work done in half the time Bread slicer electric with less effort and pressure from the handler. A manual bread slicer adds an inch or two to the width of your bread, as the loaf is placed in between the two guide walls to help you achieve a straight, even cut. Another factor to consider is that most manual bread slicers are made out of wood or plastic.

They are deed to stand up to the serrated edge of a bread knife but when cutting manually you will stop immediately when you reach the wood or plastic.

With an electric knife, your guide box will likely experience a bit more wear and tear because an electric knife may try to continue cutting for an extra second or two. You will want to invest in a guide box of durable materials.

What is an electric bread slicer?

Meat or food slicers can be used to slice bread as long as they have a serrated blade. A serrated blade is the most important factor in any bread slicing situation. A serrated edge will cut through a crisp crust and make quick work of a soft, doughy interior with minimal sticking, crumbling, or crushing. If you have a large family or like to buy in bulk for any reason, a meat slicer may come in handy as it is a more versatile tool.

You can use it to slice meats and your bread, of course, but you can also create perfect sandwich-sized slices of cheese and even make uniformly sliced vegetables. Bread slicer electric are a much larger machine than the average electric knife and also come at a more premium price because of the complexity of the machinery in comparison.

Meat slicers work best when starting with a straight, flat edge. Bread slicers are definitely the best thing since, well, sliced bread! Check Current Price on Amazon.

Best electric bread slicers

It even comes with an attractive display unit to store both the handle and the blades, which lock into place for added security. Biggest Drawback: While the on button is large and relatively easy to press one-handed, the motor is weighted towards the back of the handle. If you have a lot of carving Bread slicer electric do all at one time, pressing the button and holding the weight of the knife can get a little tiresome, especially for smaller hands.

This electric knife is deed primarily for meat, which is obvious because of the matching fork that comes with the unit. However, the reciprocating serrated blade is just as ideal for slicing bread thick or thin, depending on your preference.

Biggest Drawback: There is no safety lock on this knife. Some people find this makes the device easier to use, but it does make it a bigger risk, especially if there are younger family members who have access to the knife. It is inherently more dangerous than a non-electric knife and should be stored safely at all times.

Rather than having to keep pressure on an on button, this model has a trigger that is simple to engage and easy on your hand. The handle is altogether comfortable and easy to use and includes a safety lock.

Biggest Drawback: The marketing advertises the blades as 9 inches long, which is surprisingly long for an electric knife. The usable, serrated length of the knife is only 6.

The trigger style mechanism and lightweight of this de make this electric knife ideal for slicing bread, especially loaves with softer crusts. Most electric knives are versatile, working well to slice bread as well as meat, cheese, and other foodstuffs.

This particular electric knife seems to be equally popular with the home-baked-bread lovers as well as Bread slicer electric. Biggest Drawback: The motor on this unit tends to get quite warm, heating through the handle with consistent use if the job is a tough one. This electric food slicer is infinitely more versatile than the electric knives ly mentioned, making it just as easy to slice potatoes for chips as it is to slice bread for sandwiches.

Built-in systems

The machine is specially deed to operate more slowly than you might expect from a high-powered appliance, but this allows it to slice through hard, even frozen Bread slicer electric, without overheating or faltering. Biggest Drawback: While it is admittedly very easy to clean the blade, cleaning the rest of the machine can be a bit of a chore. This is the only unit on our list that comes with a non-serrated blade. The power and de of this machine allow it to still be very useful for cutting bread, not to mention meat, cheese, vegetables, and many other food items.

Unfortunately, just like all the machines on this list, it should not be run continuously for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Household appliances

This electric food slicer comes with both a serrated and non-serrated blade and is powered by watts, which will make quick work of any foods that need to be sliced. For soft crusted bread, bread with fruit in it or dessert loafs the non-serrated blade can slice thick or thin without reducing your treat to crumbs, and the serrated blade is there for back-up when you have a specialty loaf with a thicker, crisper crust.

Biggest Drawback: The overall de and functionality of this machine are impressive, but it Bread slicer electric very lightweight. That is good in terms of moving it around your kitchen, but the pieces bend more easily than those of other units. This can result in uneven food slices, which is easy to overlook but less than ideal for an investment kitchen appliance.

Qualities to consider

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