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Breaking up for the holidays woman hunt for men especially for family

It's no secret that the holiday season can be stressful for couples.

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If you're partnered, there's an above-average chance you've been thinking about dumping your SO lately. There's an empirical basis for the idea that people break up before the holidays.

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Posted November 30, Reviewed by Gary Drevitch.

Some wish to simply enjoy themselves; others prefer to spare themselves and their families consecutive traumas. Rarely do parents want to pass on such a legacy to their children.

In contrast, there are couples that choose to terminate their unions during these times, regardless of the consequences. Referencing my clinical practice, I have found 5 predominant reasons for such timely or untimely actions, depending on your perspective. I do realize that couples break up on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and, unfortunately, when a partner is sick or hospitalized, but these do not represent the focus of this post.

Here I will center on those major holidays that are family-oriented and thus hold a ificance wider than that of the couple themselves. No doubt there are several more reasons people end relationships on family-oriented holidays, but I will leave those to my readers.

I do want to make it clear that I do not take a stand on when a couple should or should not end a relationship.

Experts weigh in on when to stay the course and when to call it quits

Some couples need to separate, and this event could well be the best thing that has ever happened to them. I do, however, think that ending a relationship, especially a long-term or ificant one, tends to traumatize both parties. Adding this trauma against the backdrop of a family-oriented holiday might prove to be a double trauma that may produce severe symptoms.

I recommend one trauma at a time. Stephen J. Betchen, D. Betchen D. Magnetic Partners. About the Author.

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How the holidays can impact a break-up decision

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There’s a reason so many couples succumb to the stress of the holiday season, and there’s a way to survive it too.

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