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Cut out middleman markups and get the best price by buying from ContainerDiscounts. Browse our full inventory by choosing a used shipping container size below.

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Sinceover 10, customers nationwide have depended upon Conexwest to supply the best-in-class storage containers for sale. Conexwest is a US-based business that specializes in a comprehensive selection of versatile, weatherproof, and secure shipping containers for sale. Conexwest provides nationwide direct delivery services for cargo container sales.

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There are a lot of reasons people buy shipping containers. They can be used for storage, they can be turned into semi-portable offices or workshops, and in some case, crafted into full-sized luxury homes.

Whatever your reason is for buying a shipping container, you deserve to get the best quality container for the best price without a lot of hassle. For years, the process has been complicated by a sales process that involves commissioned sales professionals.

And, like any industry that is driven by sales pros, there is always a potential for getting a bad deal to pad their commissions check. But, even when bypassing high-pressure salespeople, there Buying old shipping containers still risks involved in buying shipping containers. All retailers markup their inventory to make a profit. Some resellers will hide fees, or markup delivery fees higher than they need to be to offset their lower sticker price.

We prefer transparent pricing for both the container and shipping fees. The most common complaint in the container industry is customers receiving containers in much worse condition than they expected.

Used shipping containers for sale

Sadly, some resellers have been known to take photos of different containers, showing all the good sides, and listing all those photos as a single container. Then, the customer orders based on the photos only to receive a badly damaged container later. At that point, many are pressured just to keep it, which is not a good experience. The real cost of the container is the purchase price, plus any fees it takes to get the container delivered and ready to use.

There are also cases where a container is in good condition at the depot, only to be damaged during delivery Buying old shipping containers install. Then, depending on who sold the container or hired the delivery company, you could be saddled with either keeping the container or paying to replace it. Sales professionals are a lot more eager to provide support prior to the sale than after. And, that attitude is unacceptable. Some resellers will bend over backward to make the sell, but then have a terrible track record of keeping customers satisfied.

10 things you need to know before you buy a shipping container

The truth is, problems do happen. Even the best delivery companies can have accidents that damage a container. Even the most scrupulous of depots can make a mistake and accidentally send a container in worse condition than you were promised. In other words, people are imperfect, and mistakes could be made.

The secret to getting a good deal on a new or used container is not in finding a company that never makes a mistake. The secret is in finding a company that, when a mistake is made, can be trusted to make it right.

It should be considered with simple mathematics. You also have to pay for delivery.

When renting a container, there are other fees that will also need to be considered in addition to the amount due with each billing cycle. The full price should include everything you will pay to be able to use the container the way you want. This includes taxes, delivery fees, paying for any upgrades, etc. If you want the container for the long-term, purchasing will obviously be the most cost-efficient way to go. However, if you need the container for a temporary use, it may make sense to rent.

Shipping containers for sale in indonesia

The deliberation has to be on the timeline: how long will you have the container before you return it? Just from experience, when determining thisyou should be very honest with yourself. Do your best to judge the time you will keep the container and then add a couple of months to be on the safe side. This should include all the upfront costs, as well as the recurring cost of the rental.

New & used shipping containers for sale uk

Even though some people want the container long enough that buying will be cheaper, they still decide to rent because of the smaller amount due up front. Small monthly payments offset the amount they will pay in total. When it comes to buying shipping containers, both new and used, the condition of the container is one of the primary factors on the purchase price. Naturally, containers in great condition cost more than containers that are in worse condition. However, there are a lot of descriptions used to communicate the condition of the container.

And, it can get confusing to figure out exactly what kind of container you should purchase. One-tip containers are considered new. They are manufactured overseas, loaded with goods and shipped. Once they arrive at their final destination, the goods are unloaded, and the container is sold. In the United States, one-trip containers are as new as they come. They are usually in great shape, with possible dings or dents from being transported, loaded, and unloaded at the ports.

Buying shipping containers first-time buyer's guide

Used shipping containers can come in a variety of conditions. Technically, the term "used" means any container that has made more than one-trip, or that has been used as storage, etc.

These are containers that are in good enough shape to be used for shipping cargo. They are typically in very good condition and are just a little less expensive than one-trip containers. These containers will be noticeably different from one trip containers.

The paint will be faded, there will be amounts of rust Buying old shipping containers the exterior and interior, and dents and dings will be more prominent. However, they are still waterproof and windproof. WWT units have no holes, the floors are intact, the interior is clean, and the cargo doors and door seals are functioning. If price is your primary concern, we do offer un-certified units at a discount. Containers sold in as-is condition may have holes or irregular damage such as damaged corner posts. They are priced accordingly, but are not guaranteed to be wind or watertight.

The better the condition of the container, the higher the price.

A one-trip shipping container put directly into use as a storage container can be expected to last up to 50 years before it needs to be replaced. A used container will have a shorter lifespan because they have already had a life in transport and at sea. However, they will still provide a very long service life.

Containers for sale

Obviously, how long any container lasts depends on a variety of factors, like their usage, modifications, and quality of maintenance. People come to us all the time Buying old shipping containers stories of ordering one container but getting a container in much worse condition. They come to us because we give every customer a certified condition guarantee at the time or purchase. Some buyers settle for a lower quality shipping container than they should. Middlemen usually sell to customers based on the stock they have on-hand, which is extremely limited compared to the stock a tier-1 supplier, like ContainerDiscounts.

There are several ways you can buy a container and get a good deal.

Of course, depending on your geographical location, your options may be limited. If you live near any major city with a shipping port or rail hub, you will probably have a variety of local dealers to shop.

Buy used shipping containers

Buying old shipping containers from a local dealer has one distinct advantage: they have to survive where they do business. If you determine to buy from a local dealer, do your homework and check their customer reviews and testimonials. Choose a dealer that does their best to support their customers. Now and then, you can find a good deal on a shipping container from an individual. In some cases, these containers can be in great shape, and because of a motivation to sell, the price may be much lower than you can find buying retail.

The important thing again is to be cautious.

There is also the matter of getting the container delivered, the fees associated and the expertise of the delivery company. If the container is damaged in transit, you are probably the one who has to absorb the expense.

Full disclosure: ContainerDiscounts is such a supplier. Our recommendations will be biased as we believe this is the best way to purchase a new or used shipping container.

We provide transparent pricing and ordering through our website. Of course, there are potential risks as well. Fill out the form to get instant access to this guide, with insider information on getting the best bargain for containers in great condition.