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Curacao has been linked with prostitution since the days of slaving and pirates.

By the s, the demand for prostitutes among oil refinery workers, foreign sailors and soldiers had become so great that Curacao was unsafe for women who were not involved in the profession. Curacao was an island where sex was bartered and sold openly in the streets, sexually transmitted diseases were widespread, crime was rampant, and used condoms scarred the landscape.

Campo Alegre Happy Camp was established in Caribbean Curacao to combat the evils of prostitution by controlling it. With the approval of the Queen of the Netherlands, Catholic clergy, Chief of Police, Dutch Minister of Health, and head of US military forces on the island, in Curacao agreed to allow a single brothel on the island on the conditions that women were not abducted from foreign lands to work there and no Dutch nationals were hired as prostitutes.

For for the past 68 years, Campo Alegre has thrived. Located near the airport and close to Willemstad, Campo is associated with a huge green, leaf-shaped neon. The walled compound is located off Campo alegre curacao website main road, and patrolled by a professional security force.

Roughly half of its visitors come to have sex. The other half appear to be tourists who are there for erotic entertainment, people watching, or beer.

Campo alegre (brothel)

Most have lighter complexions than the Afro-Caribbean population of Curacao. Girls are tested weekly for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV; their customers are not tested.

The girls set their own rates and keep the money they earn, less what they pay for room, food, drink, and other expenses. Girls on average have paid sex twice daily simply to cover their rent. The rooms are clean, but simple with a bed, closet, small desk, bathroom and shower, cable TV, and a large red panic button to call security.

Most working girls appear to be drawn to Campo by their need for money. Many are poor and come from desperate circumstances in the Caribbean or South America, particularly areas of political unrest.

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In addition to citing morality and health-related issues, the UN alleges that not all prostitutes in Curacao become prostitutes willingly. The UN insists there is an undeniable link between prostitution and human trafficking in Curacao that Dutch authorities are intentionally ignoring. As in many Caribbean countries, sex trafficking and forced labor in Curacao are on the rise.

While Campo may have solidified a niche sex market for itself that is supported by authorities, there are other locations in Curacao that unlawfully engage in prostitution without any regulatory safeguards whatsoever. Now, it is not my intent to discourage travel to Curacao. Fifteen other Caribbean nations are more or equally vulnerable to sex trafficking due to prostitution according to the U.

Lucia; and, 12 St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Curacao is a beautiful country and it could benefit from your tourist dollars. But as you would in any destination that has a strong sex trade and neighbors with poor or unsettled populations, travel smart. Every time you visit Campo, you support its sex business — even when you simply pay the admission fee to grab a beer.

Last sex workers leave campo alegre

Campo Alegre is part of the Caribbean sex trade and according to the UN, that sex trade is linked to human trafficking. As long as tourists spend money on prostitution in Curacao, the risk of human trafficking for sexual exploitation there will not disappear.

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