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Dancer chica looking Characteristics of a needy person male for courtship

Needy is a term used to characterize a host of behaviors associated with a high need for physical or emotional attention. Neediness can be a temporary state or an ongoing personality trait. Some people tend to exhibit characteristics of neediness more than others, and in these people, the term might be used to describe their personality.

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Neediness is a major turnoff in any relationship. In reality, men can also be quite clingy. So what is clingy? When dating or in a relationship, a cling guy would depend on you emotionally and be very attached. What does needy mean?

Well, a needy personality is very similar to clinginess, it asks for a lot of attention and emotional displays of affection. Most women like guys who prefer to stick to one person, which would be their woman of course.

However, he should have others to hang out with sometimes. Focusing all his time and energy on the relationship could make things uncomfortable. Even women have that time they set apart to go out with their friends, and generally spend time with others. A clingy guy feels the need to rush through stages, he wants to get to the part where you both spend your lives together, and he mines that literally. Some even break the unspoken rule of not texting the moment they get your .

Clingy guys may appear really desperate in the relationship. For some reason, he seems to be so up-to-date with all your posts both old and recent. He also tells you only what you want to hear. Positive attention is not bad at all but excessively demanding attention which has not been earned is quite problematic.

Some guys will try to guilt you in an attempt to get you to spend time with them.

They resort to emotional blackmail to make you feel bad about wanting to spend time with others and not them. It's really unpleasant being around a person who constantly argues about everything. Neediness can also manifest in this way, even people who love being mentally challenged find constant arguments draining.

Women love attention and absolutely love gifts. Yes, there is such a thing as too much attention, and it can be quite choking.

A needy man will not hesitate to shower you with all the attention possible so much that it could make you a bit sick. It's nice to be missed, it makes women feel special.

51 traits of needy women that turn men off

Men usually hate being the third wheel, they find it uncomfortable and boring. However, cling guys would damn the consequences just to be around you. A little over-protectiveness never hurts anyone especially if you're the type of girl who likes feeling taken care of. However, if when you want to Characteristics of a needy person out with others, he starts interrogating you, or them, it can become too much.

He may get annoyingly jealous and insecure quite often which can be a problem especially if you do not like drama. A clingy man has this unspoken way of communicating co-dependence. Relationships are far more appreciated when both parties have and appreciate boundaries in both their personal and shared lives. This can start out as cute until he starts abandoning beneficial things and relationships for you. Needy men are often so eager to please that they are more than willing to exchange their opinions for yours.

Characteristics of a needy person

It's so bad that they could end up losing themselves. A clingy guy is more likely to jump ship abandoning his opinions for yours. Most relationships consist of that one person who is a tad more involved than the other person. In some cases, this keeps the relationship going. However, if you're with a needy guy he will make it no secret that he's way more into you than you are in him.

He depends on others to reassure him that he's worthy of anything.

He constantly feels the need to voice out his accomplishments to others, he feels more accepted by people this way. There are many similarities between an insecure man and a needy man.

10 s you're dealing with an emotionally needy narcissist

Much like an insecure man, a needy man needs other people to validate him. So he would often fall into the temptation of putting other people down to make himself feel good. A needy man would often get overly upset or throw a fit over the opinion of others. Knowing that someone is more weak or flawed than him gives him some form of comfort.

A needy man could eventually cross the line from being insecure to conceited or delusional.

Characteristics of a needy person

They could tend to criticize or judge others as if they personally have no character flaws. The halo effect describes a situation where one trait on a person is used to make an overall or complete judgment about that person. Needy guys are usually victims of this, they easily view things from a 2-dimensional point of view. A needy man is basically a semi-stalker.

Does your neediness turn men off?

A needy man is the complete opposite of a neglected partner. It goes without saying that needy men are quite clingy, the attention and presence of their love interest mean the world to them so they try to stick to them for as long as possible sometimes day-in and day-out. It's nice when your spouse is in good and friendly terms with your closest friends and family, but when he starts to force a Characteristics of a needy person with the closest people in your life it can get very awkward and uncomfortable.

Most times this may manifest as over-the-top gestures like never allowing you to pay for any shared purchases. A needy man is very self-critical, he's hard on himself and therefore hard on other people. This could make it very hard to relate with them without any friction. Therefore he would often use you or any other seemingly impressive person that is associated with him to make up for his shortcomings.

A needy man is quite prone to obsessions and obsessive behavior.

It's very hard for them to let go of things said or done. A needy person is anyone who's constantly in need of attention or help. They absolutely cannot stand being alone and can be a bit co-dependent.

Though a needy guy may seem to be excessively emotional, the only way you can deal with him in a civil way is, to be honest. He may also need professional help to improve his self-confidence. Being needy is a major turn-off. It's extremely unattractive because it shows that he's not confident in himself and has very low self-esteem.

People are emotionally needy when they believe that they are not good enough. Neediness often stems from low self-esteem, low self-respect, depression, or the inability to control and regulate one's feelings independently. Needy men may think that all they are doing is showing you love, but that much attention, time, and clinginess can lead to something else.

Is your personality type more likely to be needy?

If you can find out why this guy acts like this, or encourage him to see a counselor, it may help him. Every point was spot on!! I will definitely be sharing this article with others in similar situations. HerNorm is a community-supported website.

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