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Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith. He loves coming up with questions, jokes, and topics deed to create natural conversation. His work has been featured on Marriage.

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Considerate — thoughtful of the feelings of others; careful not to cause inconvenience to others.

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Examples of compliments for men

Praise is crucial in any romantic relationship—yes, even for guys. Though your partner might exude coolness, confidence, and independence, trust me: When he does something right, he definitely wants to hear about it.

Whether it's in the bedroom, around the house, or in a social situation, giving recognition where it's due will not only bring you closer to your partner, but will also make him feel more secure in the relationship. That's always a good thing.

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Ahead, find expert-approved compliments to give your guy that will make him fall for you all over again. And for the flip-side of the relationship, here are the 20 Compliments Women Can't Resist. Letting him know he made you feel better with his insightful words is a guaranteed win. Complimenting his nurturing skills and his tenderness with his children will warm your man's heart in all the right places.

Beverly Palmerpsychologist and author of Demystifying Love: Strategies for a Successful Love Life, which is why this is such an incredible compliment.

Attraction-based compliments for him

For two years now, after my first few bites of food he looks at me anxiously and asks if I like it. When I compliment his cooking, he is proud of his accomplishment. Yes, really.

Showing you trust him to help you with a problem or literally fix something that is broken is one of the best ways to show him you trust him without repeating it over and over again. Ty BelknapProfessional Relationship Coach. You can change this one up to be more tailored to your partner, but the key here is to be specific.

One of the surest ways to a man's heart is to compliment him on a hobby he cares about. It will make him feel good, and his buddies will be jealous that he has such a cool partner.

It's important to give credit where it's deserved, and you might even notice that he's being thoughtful more often than you expect. By building up your partner and the way they relate to others, you'll be creating a chain reaction of good hearts in the world.

Compliments that emphasize his physical attributes

What compliment is better than that? If he put a lot of time into arranging something, give him a little he up that you noticed his hard work. Although his choice may not have been your choice, you need to appreciate and compliment his effort.

Simple and deadly effective. Experts say it's a good idea to keep "dating" your partner long after your relationship is established, and compliments like this one—that you might say to someone on the first few dates—accomplish this effect.

How to compliment a guy the right way

And, as a bonus non-verbal compliment, make sure to respond to your partner's smiles with your own to spread some extra good vibes. Showing that you love his sense of humor is one of the best ways you can flatter him. The ultimate compliment is if you can play into his jokes and laugh together! If he saved the day, give him the props he deserves. Praise him.

Mean it. Say it from your heart. Be a little vulnerable and let him see how his support moves you. All Rights Reserved.

How to compliment a guy

Open side menu button. Say these sweet nothings and he's all yours—all over again. By Julia Malacoff December 14, Read This Next.

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Compliment a guy for his positive nature

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