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Japaneses Cougars in houston bars hunt for men for chatting

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Speed dating houston texas Related: date first listed on amazon: date, in houston? Craigslist cougar dating site plentyoffish, sambuca, ny, monnalisa bar in north houston's top. Oct 13 celsius, thai girl, thai girl, a triumph.

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Top 10 cougar dens in houston

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Top 10 Cougar Dens in Houston You must be a subscriber to. ed: Oct 12, Posts: 11, How long do you want to ignore this user? Let's rank the Top 10 Cougar Dens in Houston.

The only one I'm sure about is Smith and Wollenskys on Westheimer, but I'm not sure where to rank it. By the way, to be in the Top 10 the bar has to have hot cougars, not just cougars.

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Reply Quote 0. ed: Feb 19, Posts: 1, Truluck's happy hour across from the galleria. ed: Mar 5, Posts: 39, ed: Jul 7, Posts: 72, User Profile Private Message. ed: Mar 12, Posts: 8, Escalante on Westheimer needs to get a nod.

ed: May 14, Posts: Sambuca 3. Escalantes- Highland Village 4.

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Palms 6. Tony's 7. Houstons- Fountain View 8. Trulucks 9. Gravitas Now back to the stros Cardinals are gng down tonight. ed: Jan 20, Good list but you have to add la Griglia.

ed: Feb 20, Strangely enough - Citizen, a bar on Washington was full of them. ed: Jul 21, Posts: 15, ed: Nov 10, Top of the list has to be the bar at the St. Regis on a weekend at about If you have not been then you have no idea.

ed: Aug 25, Chains pronounced Shanes I think on is a huge Cougar Den! Houstons on Westheimer and Fountainview is either closed, shut down for remodeling, or they forgot to pay their electricity bill. ed: Jul 9, Posts: 5, If you mean because its dark and if you werent looking you would miss the place, then nothing has changed.

I went by there about 2 weeks ago and everything was normal. Its always that dark there.


No, I mean at last night there were no cars, no customers, no cougars, and a for lease ! Thats pretty sudden. I hope they are just moving. I like that place.

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My parents and everyone used to hang out there when they were my age. I cant believe they would drop that building though.

Pretty prime spot. ed: Sep 29, Posts: 16, Obviously you guys have never been to The Hop in Clear Lake. Cougar mecca.

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My wife and I like to go there just to people watch from time to time. It's great entertainment. ed: Mar 25, ed: Oct 11, Posts: 3, There was a power outage in the area last night. Houston's is still open for business. ed: Sep 26, Posts: 17, Roll N ed: Oct 30, Posts: 36, I've been there. ed: Oct 26, Posts: 24, My friend's mom was with us and one of her friends.

They were getting hit on left and right.

ed: Jun 28, Posts: 33, I hooked up with a cougar at Sherlocks on Westeimer once so I suppose I throw that into the ring. ed: Mar 21, ed: Oct 3, Posts: 82, Lots of cougars at Sambuca, but most are looking for a sugar daddy over a younger guy.

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Having a loft upstairs helps, though. ed: Jan 16, Posts: 2, You're going to make mrs.

ed: Mar 24, ed: Aug 6, We need tiny to list her locations.