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Aesthetically lady Cum on face stories for male to courtship

Listen, cum is a natural part of life.

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Krystal has done her fair of slutty things, but this 18 years old has never let a guy cum on her. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Up.

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I have had a fascination for porn for as long as I can remember, since early in my teens. Still, it remained a secret fantasy of mine to have a guy cum all over my face. I thought I was alone until one evening while out with friends.

One of the girls in our group admitted that she loved being on the receiving end of a facial. I feigned shock, but a couple of the other girls in the group admitted that they, too, occasionally enjoyed the slutty feeling they felt when their boyfriends came on their faces.

This only served to reinforce my fantasy. I was familiar with the mindset of the people who tend to use CL for casual sexual encounters, and thought to myself, this might make for an interesting way to find someone. I started reading through some of the on CL and decided that this would be a good option to explore. I had to figure out how to do it without compromising my identity, where I live, etc.

Facial confession stories and sins

I made the wild decision to just ask a guy to do me in an alley not too far from where I live. I hastily composed an ad that read: Looking for a facial - w4m I have been wondering what it would be like to get a facial from a random guy. No penetration, no sex, just a quick facial.

Meet tonight between 11PM - Midnight, in public area near Gold Club and go to a nearby alley for quick facial. You can even spit in my face if that gets you off. This is not a joke. Much of the porn I am into involves extreme degradation to the woman — including being slapped, chocked, and spit on, so I added the part about allowing the guy to spit on me if he wanted.

I suppose this comes from the fact that I tend to be the dominant one in my relationships, and the feeling of being degraded and being that submissive appealed to the inner slut in me. I intend to explore that option in much greater detail at some point Cum on face stories the future. Within a couple of minutes of posting the ad, I started getting responses.

I let them cum on my face

Very serious. Would you like to use it? I sent him my spare cell phone and asked him to call me.

He did and we worked it out to meet at 11PM Cum on face stories a bar around the corner from the Gold Club, a local strip club. While I waited for the appointed time, I continued reading and replying to some of the responses that continued to pour in from the ad. Many of the guys indicated concern for my personal safety — I thought that was so cool. I have a black belt in TaeKwonDo, however, and anyone who tried to pull something on me was going to be in for a fight if I had any say in the matter. Tony and I met at the bar and recognized each other immediately.

That proved to be a bit more complicated than I had imagined. We finally went into a parking garage across and up the street a bit from Cum on face stories strip club and found a relatively secluded area in the rear of the place between a couple of SUVs to take care of business. I did as he ordered and he unzipped his pants. He was already hard as a rock, and had an impressive cock.

It was all I could do to keep from swallowing him right there and asking him to face fuck me, but that was out of the question. If it helps you, you can grab my hair and hold my head.

He began stroking his cock and within about three minutes was already to the point of cumming. I wondered to myself how he was able to keep from popping a load on the way to meet me, since it looked like it was ready to explode right then! I reached down into my sweatpants and began masturbating myself. I was getting so horny sitting there in public begging a guy Cum on face stories plaster my face with a load of semen. The first shot hit me square on the upper lip under my nose and caused me to jerk back a bit.

The feeling was incredibly warm, followed almost immediately by a cooling sensation. The second shot hit me in the left cheek, and a third shot got my left ear. He grabbed my hair and held my face under his cock as he coerced what was left of his cum out onto my forehead. The cum from my forehead began running down into my eyes, so I had to wipe it away from them. The warmness on my face turned into something akin to having had Astroglide on my face — both cool and slippery.

I stood up, thanked Tony, put my purse back on my shoulder and began walking off. As I spoke, some of the cum from my lip got onto my tongue — it tasted just as I had remembered it from years past, salty and somewhat bitter. Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed it. I began walking back to my apartment about a half a mile away, leaving the white sticky cream on my face. My pace began to quicken — I had to get back to my apartment and masturbate. I could literally feel the cunt juice running down my leg and even the sensations from walking seemed as if it would lead me to an orgasm.

As I swiped my access card in the security device at our apartment complex, another woman walked out of the interior door. Could she tell what was on my face?

I let him cum on my face and i loved it so much

I doubt it. It had been raining most of the evening, and I believed anyone seeing me would have thought I had come in from being in the rain. The cum had begun to dry, and parts of my face felt as though I had glue rubbed on it. I made it into my apartment and went to the bathroom to see what I looked like.

‘cum face’ stories

I was shocked to see that I had a fair-sized blob of cum in my hair! Did people see that? Could they tell?

It occurred to me that the knees of my sweatpants were wet from where I had been kneeling on the ground — I looked like I had been sucking cock to anyone paying attention. I took the feeling of being a whore with me to my bed, began to masturbate furiously, and came within a minute. After I came down, I went back into the bathroom and looked at myself again. I took my shirt off, hopped into the shower and washed myself off.

As I did, I masturbated again.

Next time, I will take my small camera and snap a photo of my face with the slut cream all over it - for my own personal use, of course. I could never post something like that on the web. People might think I was a slut. To link to this sex story from Cum on face stories site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

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