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Missing lyrics by paper lace?

It is likely the band Paper Lacebeing from Nottingham, England, had no knowledge of Chicago geography and simply used "East Side" out of ignorance. Chicago is bordered on the East by Lake Michigan.

Perhaps these epic gunfights are unknown because they happened underwater. Maybe one reason why people think this song sucks is that there is no Eastside of Chicago, except for Lake Michigan. I've heard that song countless times and apparently never once listened to the lyrics.

I've always preferred "Bad Bad Leroy Brown", personally - plus it gets its geography right! Another problem with the song was that Capone owned the cops, so why would he fight them? Most the movie was pretty average, but the minute climax scene at the end with Al Pacino as Satan was one of the most mesmermizing scenes I've seen in any movie.

I'm in shock!!!!!!!!!!! I SO thoght this song was true. Dumb ass me.

True or Not I have listen to this song since I was a kid and it has always pulled the strings. I have it on my I pod and I was listening to it the other day and not sure why but for some reasoN i just started to cry. He is retired military and jsut you are always worried wondering if they will ever come home.

More Recent Comments. The acting is great. It's hard to understand why Al Pacino wasn't nominated for a major acting award.

Perhaps it's because we had been nominated many times in the past and won best actor in The last scene in the movie is a classic. The movie reminded me of a song by the British group Paper Lace.

They wrote a song about a fictional 2 night of warfare between Al Capone and the Chicago police. The song, The Night Chicago Diedreached 1 for a brief time in If you haven't heard it you should click on the video and listen at least once.

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I love songs that tell a story and in order to appreciate the story you need to listen to the words as well as the music. I've included the lyrics. Read the opening lines in order to get the context. The song is about the family of a Chicago cop.

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There never was such a night in Chicago. Most of the killing took place when rival gangs fought it out, not between police and gang members.

The British songwriters had never been to Chicago and knew very little of the history. It's one of those stories that you would like to be true but sometimes real history sucks.

Laurence a. moran

It is often thought to be a backhanded reference to the Chicago riots of but there's no evidence to support that theory and by the memory had faded. Labels: My World.

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