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I'd like seek chica that Dating a blues junior amp tattoos

Discussion in ' Amp Central Station ' started by ajgusDec 11, Telecaster Guitar Forum.

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It is aimed at achieving the warm, tube-driven tone common in many styles of American blues and blues rock dating back to the s, while remaining both portable and affordable. Fender frequently releases limited editions of the Blues Junior. All have the same electronic components [1] [ failed verification ] [ non-primary source needed ] and specifications but have cosmetic changes and often a different speaker, at varying prices. Several limited edition versions of the Blues Junior have been manufactured since its introduction in The original circuit board underwent a major rede inwhen production moved from the US to Mexico. The earlier circuit boards are green in color and are noted for a "darker," more bass-inflected tone.

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Dating fender amps by reference of serial/chassis s

So I've been trying to sell my Blues Jr. My ad says it was made in the USA as it is printed on the back label, and on the reverb tank. And I have informed them that it was purchased new around A couple people now have asked for the date it was made.

And these are not John Q public buyers, who just want to know how old it is. They are very informed about these amps, referencing date codes on the tube chart and transformer. Is there something special about Blues Jr's from a certain period.???

Help dating a blues jr.

Fender introduced the Blues Junior inand has revised and updated it periodically since then. Blues Junior history can be divided into two major : the early amps with green circuit boards and the later ones with cream-colored boards.

The cream-colored board is laid out entirely differently and better than the green board. The biggest change is the reworked reverb circuit.

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But the old ones sound darker, while the new ones are brighter, with more emphasis on treble tones. One is not necessarily better than the other; the dark tones are nice for blues, while the new amps do brighter, surf-y tones better.

Most of the modifications for the green board simply help it to perform as well as the cream board. Fender adopted a two-letter dating code inand the code can be found on the Quality Assurance label, inside the cabinet, sometimes located on the bottom, next to the reverb tank, sometimes on the side.

The codes are usually handwritten, and the letters can occasionally be hard to decipher. Fender discontinued date codes in There is no reliable way to date amps other than to ask Fender customer support to look up the date from the serial. Sometimes, I really love this board.

Yes it is! So important to potential buyers???

I have a fender blues junior amp with reverb, master volume,

Why is the Date on my Blues Jr. Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

Posted February 19, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Blues Junior Revision History Fender introduced the Blues Junior inand has revised and updated it periodically since then. Below is a table of revision dates and the changes made on those dates. When was my Amp Made?

Kap'n Posted February 19, C Corrected backwards polarity on filter cap for V reverb supply. Cibyl Posted February 19, Blues Junior Revision History. Google's pretty cool and stuff:. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing.

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