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Depending on your background and how much you understand about the disease of addiction, reactions will vary. How can the person you know now be the same person who abused drugs or alcohol? For others, it may be a little easier to accept, especially in cases where one has dealt either first or second hand with a substance use disorder.

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Dating is tricky business, no matter who you are or whom you date. Someone who has overcome a substance abuse problem and established themselves in recovery would have done some serious work on themselves and could Dating a recovering drug addict a great partner. Ultimately, whether or not a relationship with a former addict is a good risk for you will depend upon you, your hopes for the future, and the stability of the specific person you have in mind. Here are five questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you and your potential partner are prepared to take on a relationship in recovery. First things first: while love is romantic, addiction is not. If you believe that love can conquer all, you should know that love cannot conquer addiction.

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Dating a recovering addict can be challenging. After all, recovery affects both people in the relationship. Addiction can play a constant role in your relationship over a long period of time. Someone recovering from addiction may attend a treatment program, therapy, counseling, or support group sessions as ways to maintain their sobriety.

Mental health issues may also play a role in their addiction. While your partner may not abuse addictive drugs anymore, they may still struggle with their mental health, which is its own journey of understanding.

Avoid meeting at specific places or certain situations that could trigger a relapse. Dating a recovering addict is not always healthy at each stage of the healing process.

A healthy relationship depends on a variety of factors, such as:. First, you need to be prepared for a possible relapse. If relapse occurs during your relationship, it can be very challenging to witness. Stay aware of the s and symptoms of drugs or alcohol addiction. This will allow you both to prevent relapse and the hardship that comes with it. It can be upsetting to watch a loved one fall prey to addiction. This is difficult for both parties involved. Some people look down on addicts as weak or having no control.

Choosing unhealthy partners.

If you see addiction in a negative light, then dating a recovering addict will be more challenging for both you and your partner. Look out for red flags indicating relapse when dating a recovering drug addict. This might include s of secrecy or deception. It can be difficult to support someone recovering from a drug addiction or alcoholism.

This may include:. By keeping the above points in mind, you can make the whole experience smoother for both of you. Maintaining strength and compassion in this situation will give you the best foundation on which to build a healthy romantic relationship.


If you or your partner struggle with substance abuse, Washburn House is an addiction treatment center in Worcester, MA that can help. Contact a caring team member today to begin your road to recovery. Call Now A healthy relationship depends on a variety of factors, such as: Your own life situation Both of your expectations Where your partner is in their recovery journey How you both act towards each other in the recovery process First, you need to be prepared for a possible relapse.

How to Support a Recovering Addict or Alcoholic It can be difficult to support someone recovering from a drug addiction or alcoholism. If you can show understanding about the importance of these treatment options, then you will help an addict in recovery to feel understood and respected.

Set boundaries — A healthy relationship with a drug addict in recovery depends on boundaries. These boundaries can help ensure that your partner stays sober. Let your partner know they can open up to you without feeling judged.

Offer sympathy when speaking about the struggles of recovery. Instead, try to build open communication in the relationship. Talk to your potential partner about what you expect from the relationship and remain open as things change and grow. Your own mental health is just as important to a healthy relationship.

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