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I'd like Dating someone not my type boy who wants exhibitionist

Back inI realized that I'd been dating the same type of guy over and over again. So, for a while, I started dating people who weren't my type. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and a half.

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Most people have one or two favorite flavors of ice cream they generally gravitate to. Despite the vast variety of flavors available, many people who are creatures of comfort tend to be drawn to what is familiar to them. Trying out a different ice cream flavor may not feel like much of a risk but for some people it may feel like wandering into unknown territory without knowing the taste and if one will enjoy it. If someone is open to trying new flavors, they may be surprised to find they enjoy another flavor just as much or even more than their favorite flavor.

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We were classmates — he was just a guy I took English with and saw every day. WTF was going on?

“i dated outside of my type and this is what happened”

He had confidence. There was something attractive in the way he carried himself that I had only just noticed that day. He looked sure of himself and comfortable in his skin.

I usually liked guys who were taller and thinner. This guy was definitely not my type, and yet there was just some X-factor about him that was quite alluring.

When you date someone who's not your type

Straying from guys who were my usual type was a great experience because it showed me there were other guys out there who might not check all my boxes but were intriguing nonetheless. He was an amazing guy.

Yes, he had an aura, but his appeal was about so much more than that. He was really a great guy.

He was intelligent, we could chat about anything for hours, he was funny as hell, and he was a really down-to-earth guy. I fell — hard.

Once I felt that spark of attraction, he became good on paper and appealing in real life too. I had it bad!

I went from being cool with seeing him whenever to wanting to spend more and more time with him. Good looks really mean nothing. His personality changed his looks. Beauty really is so much more than good looks. Chemistry can build over time.

This experience taught me that sometimes chemistry can build. I broadened my horizons. I loved that this guy was shy at times and a bit geeky. I found these qualities so adorable. I need a partner with substance.

Keep this in mind if you're going to start dating someone who’s not your usual "type"

Those same friends were out dating guys who loved to party and have fun, the guys who were popular and attractive. That had become so boring to me! This guy had a lot of substance and it was sexy AF. When he broke my heart, it hurt more than ever. Good looks fade but timeless qualities like honesty, loyalty and a good heart last forever.

9 interesting things that happen when you date someone who isn't your type

He changed me. This was huge and something that would stay with me forever! Check out Relationship Hero a site where highly trained relationship coaches get you, get your situation, and help you accomplish what you want. Just ….

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