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However, and free stanley feature timeline megachart. You down a tool - womadeodstanley's forty-five - how the length: Woodturning on bob kaune's thorough study or transitional planes.

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Below you will find a tool for Stanley plane identification, specifically dating Stanley planes and identifying the type of your Stanley Bailey woodworking bench hand planes.

You can also download my free Stanley plane identification PDF chart here. Please be aware: some antique Stanley planes that you buy will be harlequins, or conglomerates of parts from Dating stanley planes flowchart years, so keep that in mind when listing a Stanley hand plane for sale. Also, stanley type studies like this are most accurate for No. This tool does not work for the Stanley Bedrock planes or transitional planes. Here is a list of the types and dates of the Stanley planes scroll below the list to start the type study tool :.

How do I age a 1 plane. Hope this helps. Hi guys and ladies I plead total ignorance since I work with steel in my private time.

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The plane lived on the coast for an unknown time and was rusty. I started to remove rust and old paint and discovered that there was … ». I was about to add this question on my posting that i just put on here. I have the same plane Dating stanley planes flowchart i too am wanting to know the date as well. Hope we both can get our planes dated. They then incorporated bailey into their naming. Correct Nick, Mr. Bailey came to work with Stanley, along with his patent for the Bailey handplane. I just got a wooden either ter or smoothing pane.

Its pretty beat up but I am going to try and restore it. Have you ever heard of them?

Is that now the going rate for these even though there are a ton of them for sale? Yikes, I hope not!

A friend recently picked up a nice No. M-WTCA tool swaps are another good source for good deals. And old wooden jack planes work Dating stanley planes flowchart as well, and are much less expensive. He has a lot of Stanley tools, but he has 2 tools that look a lot like hand planes, but have 2 knobs instead of 1 and neither end is raised. Also, the opening at the bottom is I have a 4 type 10 bailey that i found out on the listing from this site.

However, there is a W machined mark on the right front side with 2 notches on the hump half way up. A old man gave it to me after i tore down a termite infested car port when i was I am wanting to start using hand tools more and teach … ». Be warned: there follows a bit of an investigation.

Stanley plane dating

Was excited to find a corrugated base though, so first thing I did when I got home … ». My Father was Apprentice in I have the same plane. Very nice. Hi, I very recently got into hand plans when I picked up a No. Today I got seven more planes, and dated them all from here except one.

Dating hand planes start

My question would be if … ». It sounds like the iron is cambered. You just need to learn to properly sharpen it. It has three triangular notches on the left side of the body when looking from the toe beside the frog, above the mouth. Are there better types than others? Is a flat bottom better than corrugated? I personally feel like Type 13 was the height of the Stanley Bailey handplane quality and innovation. But a couple types before and after that are also really good. Source 1. Source 2.

Source 3. Hey everyone, I have a Stanley, 4 with a Type-4 machined base. That is the broad, flat machined area with no sunken reliefs.

That is, I can attach it to the plane, and the iron protrudes from the bottom, but cannot be moved because the frog is as far back as it can be. The frog has a … ». Hi All, New subscriber here. I wonder if I might ask a question and make a comment. I have some planes which are smooth all the way through and … ».

They have patent dates behind the frog, have a blue body, etc. I even noticed on Home Depot that Stanley is still producing the 5 jack plane. This guide makes it seem like the No 5 Stanley plane was only made from Any … ». Hi Matthew, any 5 Dating stanley planes flowchart World War 2 is of descent quality. Just sharp, with a cambered iron. Dating stanley planes flowchart have a 2 missing a blade, chip breaker and lever cap. The body length is 7. Hi Greg, unfortunately the type study is fully accurate for No. But may not be so for a No. But if you get close you can search on Ebay or other places to find similar aged No.

Also, check Jim Bode Tools. He has a lot of images … ». Hey guys i was at an antique store the other day a found a little Stanley plane that has stanley sweetheart emblem on it how do I get some one to tell me about it I cant find it on any site. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that went into creating it, and for making it available for everyone…. You are most welcome Russell! Have you checked out my handplane guide?

Hi Geir, thanks for your question!

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Yes, Ebay would get you the most money for Stanley 55 combination planes. They are actually quite valuable. Not too sure, but see if this helps. Any ideas? For those of you looking for a tap and die set to service you Stanley planes, I just ordered a set from this supplier individually. Call theirfollow the prompts, and Bill will help you. That is who I spoke Dating stanley planes flowchart. He took my credit card over the phone, and said it would ship Monday and be here in NorCal by Friday. Wholesale Tool … ». Hi guys, I have recently acquired a Bailey corrugated plane.

I cannot identify the model.

How to identify stanley hand plane age and type (type study tool)

It has Bailey cast on the nose and is There is no but it does have Pat D and some dates MarAugApr Any help in identifying this plane would be much appreciated. No s no made in anywhere but it has an American iron not sweetheart. I am restoring a Stanley 39 Dado plane. I have the spurs, but need the screws. I need the size 6?