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The other day I stumbled upon an article about dating to marry. I tried in the past.

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The right way to take things slow in a new relationship

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What does it mean to take things slow when dating?

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There's lots of communication

List of Partners vendors. COVID has impacted all aspects of modern life, especially relationships.

Lockdown and other restrictions have meant that mixing, mingling, and in some cases, even meeting up with new people is more difficult. The result is an Austenesque approach to finding love; penning long letters read: texts from afar before heading on walking dates together. In other words, a new dating trend has emerged: slow dating.

Slow dating means a person spends more time getting to know a potential partner and works to create a deep connection before taking things to the next level. And because of this, it's no wonder this style of dating has become popular over the last year.

But is slow dating right for you? Ahead, Dr. Christopher Jones, PsyD, explains both the reason behind the ever-rising popularity and advantages of this emerging relationship trend.

The hopeful romantic’s guide to dating slowly

Meet the Expert. Per Dr. Jones, this unprecedented period of time has seen many people reassessing their relationship goals. Before the pandemic, many people lived busy lives with lots of social activities that made serious relationships not a priority. However, when you strip away all of those variables the focus and need changes. So it makes sense that people are wanting more serious relationships during this time. Thinking slow dating could be for you? That means that taking things slow is convenient.

Can taking it slow be a bad thing?

Besides, as Dr. Jones puts it, choosing to take a beat before jumping into a relationship could help it last longer. So when we take things a bit slower it allows us to make informed and practical choices that increase the longevity of a relationship. This, Dr. Jones says, is the reason why we've all heard the phrase " the honeymoon is over.

When it comes to the perfect time to get intimate with a partner in a slow relationship, there is no right answer.

Deciding when to take this step with a new partner is an entirely personal choice. Or even watching a movie virtually.

1. try new things together

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Charlotte Grainger. Charlotte Grainger is a freelance writer in Sheffield, England.

Her specialties include lifestyle, relationships, health, and nutrition. Brides's Editorial Guidelines.

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