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Aesthetically woman Dating tips for gemini man for friend to strangets

Every zodiac has unique qualities. Out of all of them, Gemini is the zodiac with the worst reputation.

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Wondering how to make the best impression on your new Gemini boyfriend? Because Gemini men in relationships are often unpredictable, dating can be short-lived for reasons that are totally predictable and avoidable. Click the link above to get into the guide, or keep reading for some dating tips that may surprise you.

11 practical tips on dating a gemini man

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are born with the gift of gab and are some of the best conversation companions. Nobody can tell a riveting story like a Gemini.

That said, it should be known that Geminis are also able to convince others of almost anything with relative ease. So keep your wits about you! They are very curious about the people and the world around them. Geminis have a variety of friends from different backgrounds and have an active social life.

Dating a gemini man (4 great tips for a perfect date)

The Gemini man is friendly and a fun-loving person. He is always down for an adventure and likes to live his life on his own terms, if not fly by the seat of his pants at times. On the negative side, he can be unreliable. This is as true of Gemini men in relationships that are quite serious as it is of Gemini men casually dating. He may lack direction and a clear focus on what he wants in life. His attention span is short. Sometimes this means that he enjoys getting to know and learning about people but may only be interested on a fleeting basis.

14 things to know about dating a gemini man

Sometimes he can be swayed by what he feels someone has to offer instead of digging deeper to get to know them, which can actually backfire and hurt him and the other person. Overall, however, the Gemini man is a clever and lively guy who can bring light, laughter and joy into your life.

Be ready for him to ask lots of questions about you. He wants to know how your mind works and is eager to absorb from you a new way of looking at the world. Though sexual compatibility is important to him, he prefers a mental compatibility with his partner first and foremost.

A Gemini guy wants a woman who will listen to him and can talk for hours. He gets bored easily, so make sure you have enough topics and fun dates planned to keep him busy.

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Topics such as politics, science and education are sure to get his mind working. But the odd gossip can make the cut, too! Share his enthusiasm for conversation. Return his questions with questions of your own. When you do get into the heavy stuff, strange as it may sound, throwing in the odd joke can take the pressure off. Geminis love being around people but they also like doing their own thing. He will enjoy every moment he spends with you, but there will be times when he needs to be alone, even as things are just heating up between you.

Everything you need to know about dating a gemini man

Variety is a way of life for a Gemini man. He is always looking to do something new and exciting. Maybe one date you go to the bookstore and the next date you go to the science museum.

Next time you may plan a trip to an amusement park to bring out his adventurous side. Geminis are fond of traveling, so planning weekend getaways with them is ideal. He will not lose interest.

Dating a gemini man: do you have what it takes?

You should do the same for him! Tell him you brought him a great gift and make it a treasure hunt for him.

Check out Gemini Man Secrets if you think you might want to take the relationship to the next level someday. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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