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No new raid though.

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The Destiny experience as it is today would be hardly recognizable to someone that only played the game at launch. While it's still the same core experience, Bungie has endlessly updated the game based on feedback from fans, tweaking things here and there, and adding often requested features to try to make Destiny the best it can be.

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Unnecessary have millions of profile creation and then you hone in on what women want, especially when you consider. I'd love to at least try them all out, even if I don't get far with randoms.

Schlorgan Member May 11, I've just starting getting into this game again hadn't played since launch and I find the prospect of getting people together for the Raids to be really daunting. I'd love to see an in-game example of an LFG experience that's better than the third party solutions on offer now. I thought about doing them Solo, but decided against it since it probably wouldn't be super fun and at this point that is what the Prison is there for as a make shift horde mode. Bungie is actively punishing people that only Destiny matchmaking prison an hour or two every day to play, or don't have 6 people that play Destiny, I only have one friend that plays Destiny, and he didn't even get to the end game yet, and I doubt he.

Why no matchmaking for prison Destiny matchmaking prison elders found it to be more work then a job, and less rewarding. I would have played the game a lot more if it had matchmaking for the modes that actually gets you good loot. Only need two runs to hit that 90, Regardless I can say I've met some really great gamers who do their damnedest why no matchmaking for prison of elders kick ass at whatever they play.

I'm quite sure Activision are unaware of Bungies short sighted views on this that keep the player s so low. Jan 24, 6, 1, Strong shoulder and was no for elders prison shaped somewhat like that and when you move it is.

Why “prison of elders” proves destiny matchmaking is viable

They know they need us yet they continue to ignore us because there are enough of us who will keep playing. I'm convinced that the reason they didn't do it for the majority of this stuff is that they didn't put in group management tools for matchmaking groups, and thus didn't have a way to boot someone that was griefing or wasn't up to snuff. What is an good argument against matchmaking for raids?

No match making is only okay when you have the proper social tools in your game to put together a group at a hub or something. Nov 18, 1, 0 0 London, UK. Diablohead Member May Destiny matchmaking prison, Jun 4, 43, 0 0.

Destiny needed a built in make-a-room style system like PSO back in the day, let people either with or without a pass and then go do team stuff together. Matchmaking is fine for pvp and some other stuff but having an open lobby for other things is sorely missing. M0nochromatic Member May 11, Oct 27, 2, 0 0.

I'd love to watch a purely matchmade group attempt to complete Vosik and Aksis challenge modes. Seriously, i would like to watch that.

If it's in-game it doesn't have to be better. You're immediately going to have more players aware of it, which means a larger potential pool of people to play with. Rarius Member May 11, Oct 16, 0 0. Raids not being in matchmaking was beyond stupid. Yeah, after long day at work where I have to talk to strangers all day long I want to start up Destiny and shoot stuff. I dont want to go on lfg sites first, having to sell myself only to find a team 20 minutes later that cant stop talking and kicks you if you're not communicating.

I just want to shoot stuff Bungie. Don't force me to talk to people when I don't feel like it. I also play destiny to shoot aliens in the face, and not to make relationships with other gamers. I would love matchmaking in one form or another to help me find random people to run through end game content with So Bungie needs to stop playing Destiny matchmaking prison in their efforts to kindle new friendships through lazy coding, and implement some group finding mechanics in game! I don't want to meet friends in a video Destiny matchmaking prison. I can understand the lack for it in raids, but the Prison of Elders is mostly a horde type of area.

From the Level 28 version I played nothing really.

That's ridiculous that they only include matchmaking in half of the multiplayer modes. I've never done the raids and I guess I'll probably never. I want to shoot aliens in the face. Too bad Destiny matchmaking prison game operates like it does. No easy communication, and no MM.

Hope they change this in Destiny 2. Bungie has once again said "-blam! A matchmaking option wouldn't hurt anyone who chose to not use it. Everyone I've met online has either been a snob or a jackass and are not worth the time and effort to go hunting for. I've already effortlessly zipped through all the "new" content that can be done solo and have jackshit to show for it. As I'm beyond frustrated with lag in crucible, I really have no reason to play Destiny.

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Log In Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an ? Gamefaqs in a nutshell http: There is matchmaking for the The rest dont because it'd be difficult to go in with randoms that don't know how to do the mechanics.

It does stink that they don't have match making but it would most likely turn into a crap fest.

Steam linking is here!

So feel free to add me and message me to play or check out those sites! With a little help 34 is easy to get to; Currently playing: Destiny Feel free to add me! Matchmaking can't force communication, and the end game content requires communication.

Add to that the AFKers just looking to get carried, and in the case of raids people who will just grab a specific checkpoint and bail. Matchmaking is a horrible idea for these activities. She played in the band, which was ranked one of the best in the nation.

Loftin lived in Tutwiler Hall, which at the time had no air Destiny matchmaking prison but had heat. There was a curfew for female students, which was about 9 p. Dresses and skirts were the required dress code. But women snuck in wearing jeans and gym clothes by covering them up with raincoats, rain or shine.

It was a peaceful time and a fun time. Destiny matchmaking prison s were also a time of racial turmoil and change on campus. Autherine Lucy Foster, the first black person to enroll at UA, started pursuing a degree in education at the Capstone in In the s, the of students in universities across America exploded as the baby boomers made it to college.

Anne Payne, who attended UA from tograduated with a degree in home economics and education. Other degrees were available to women back then, but she wanted to be a teacher like her parents. She worked at the Tennessee School for the Deaf for 31 years, spending her last 13 years as the high school principal. If you went out on a date you had to be back in the dorms by 9 p. If you stayed out later than the curfew, you would not be able to go out for a week. We had a house mother who would be there at the door when you came in and out.

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