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Difference between love and romance am pick male who like erotica

And I have no research experience to speak deeply into this subject. You know, share my thoughts and opinions according to my own experiences.

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Love and romance are sometimes used interchangeably since they are closely related in a particular context.

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Love, romance, affection, desire, infatuation, liking — there is no dearth of words in the English language, for that matter, in any language, to capture the different intensities and gradations of feelings we experience. However, when we attempt to distinguish and define, these very same words appear to defy precise physical phenomena-like definitions.

Keep dating alive: differences between love and romance

Philosophers and intellectuals have long grappled with this. As humans, we have a natural tendency of forming bonds with one another through our societal interactions. These interactions sometimes go beyond what would be called a platonic relationship, making way for a romantic one. The initial stages of a romantic relationship often emphasizes on emotions of love, appreciation, intimacy, and compassion, rather than phycial intimacy, although physical intimacy too is important for a relationship to thrive.

Love, on the other hand, can range from simple affection, to pleasure, to infatuation, to strong attraction and attachment to another. A classical example of true love is the love that a mother has for her. Often, we get carried away by the definitions that movies and media subtly convey, so we end up confusing being romantic with being in love. One makes the other possible.

Being romantic is being able to appreciate the little joys of life and having a spirit that is adventurous and open to new experiences. Seeing the sun set on the way back from work, seeing a dog play with a kid, admiring the first rain of the season, hearing a bird sing early in the morning, giving a warm hug to a close friend — these are things that excite people with a romantic spirit.

The difference between love and romance

This excitable nature and openness equips them with a positive outlook on life and they relate to people more freely. A person who is able to appreciate romance is more likely to give himself freely, give his partner the space she is entitled to, and keep the spark alive in a relationship. Romance, in short, is an attractively charming trait. A romantic person is able to love without the usual trappings of love; his love liberates him and his partner.

It creates space for new possibilities to emerge. It removes boredom and infuses energy.

Romance is the action when love is content

Romantic people are always busy, eager and curious. Many people today look for similar interests and compatibility in their prospective life partner. Perhaps, they should also look for s of a thriving romantic spirit!

Loving a romantic person would truly be an adventurous journey, a flame that would shine eternally. Aashish is from Chennai but loves Bangalore ever since he moved there to work. He novels than academic books in his college life.

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