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Non-opioids or non-narcotics, like acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs control mild to moderate pain.

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Fentanyl may be habit forming, especially with prolonged use. Use fentanyl exactly as directed. Do not use a larger dose of fentanyl, use the medication more often, or use it for a longer period of time than prescribed by your doctor.

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Aim: Substance abuse has become a universal crisis in our modern age. Among illegal substances, opium and its derivatives have been ranked second in terms of usage after cannabis in the world.

In many Asian regions, the use of opium enjoys a high social acceptance; hence, some common people and even medical practitioners believe that opium lowers blood glucose and pressure and treat dyslipidemia. How much this belief is scientifically justified? Method: The of available studies on both humans and animals searched in different search engines up to mid were integrated 78 articles. Upon the findings we try to offer a more transparent picture of the effects of opium on the mentioned factors along with the probable underlying mechanisms of its action.

: Taken together, a variety of evidences suggest that the consumption of opium has no scientific justification for amendment of these biochemical variables. The mechanisms proposed so far for the action of opium in Do opiates thin your blood three above disorders are summarized at the end of the article. Short term effects seems to be mostly mediated through central nervous system neural and hormonal mechanismsbut long term effects are often due to the structural and functional alterations in some body organs.

Conclusion: Although opium may temporarily reduce blood pressure, but it increases blood glucose and most of blood lipids. Moreover its long term use has negative impacts and Do opiates thin your blood it aggravates diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension.

Accordingly, it is necessary to inform societies about the potential disadvantages of unauthorized opium consumption. Substance abuse is today's serious health and socio-economic issue United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Globally, after cannabis, opioids have the highest rate of illicit drug consumption.

United Nations' Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that in Of these, Asia is the most important market for opiates, and Asian countries have monopolized about two thirds of the opiates market United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, One of the reasons for high usage in these countries might be the easy access to the drug because the main opium producer countries such as Afghanistan, and to a less extent, Myanmar, and Laos are located in this continent.

Some Asians believe that opium could have positive impacts on lowering of serum lipids, blood glucose and blood pressure.

Such a belief has some adherents even among medical practitioners Farahani et al. Is this ancient belief scientifically justified? Over the recent years many studies have been performed on humans and animals to answer this question or have reviewed its effects on cardio-metabolic diseases Masoudkabir et al.

Important warning:

The objective of present review is to collect and integrate the newest information with findings to clarify the effects of opium on forenamed biochemical variables and the underlying mechanisms of the action of opium on these conditions. In this regards and in addition to the studies on blood glucose, blood pressure and serum lipids, the effects of opium on the prevalence of hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes, have also been included. Furthermore, since morphine is the main alkaloid constituent of opium see belowand many physiological and pharmacological effects of opium are ascribed to morphine, few studies that focus on the impact of morphine on these disorders are also considered.

Overall the of animal studies may be more consistent and reliable because there are less confounding variables in these Do opiates thin your blood to affect the. Therefore, we included the of the related animal studies in the review. Some of these variables that may alter the effect of opium in human include, sex and age range of subjects, nutritional factors, psycho-social conditions, physical activity level, concomitant use of other substances such as alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, and underlying diseases.


Therefore, in this review we firstly address the of human studies and then proceed to the on the animal studies and related mechanisms. Primary opium is a milky latex extracted by scoring unripe capsules of opium poppy plant Papaver somniferum. After being exposed to air, it turns into a dark brown and solidified substance Schiff, Alkaloids are categorized to two main groups Phenanthrenes and Benzylisoquinolines and several minor groups Schiff, ; European Food Safety Authority, Phenanthrenes including morphine, codeine, and thebaine constitute the predominant psychoactive ingredients European Food Safety Authority, Phenanthrenes and opium derived semisynthetic drugs such as heroin are termed opiates.

All morphine like analgesics, regardless of their source which encompass opiates, endogenous opioid peptides and synthetic opioids constitute the drug class named opioids Vuong et al. Papaverine relaxes smooth muscle and noscapine has an antitussive property Kalant, ; European Food Safety Authority, Morphine is both the most active and the most copious alkaloid in opium with Do opiates thin your blood being in the second order Schiff, ; European Food Safety Authority, Euphoric and analgesic properties are the most common reasons for the consumption of opium by its users Kalant, In medical use opioids are essential in the management of myocardial infarction, severe pain subsequent to surgical procedures, late-stage cancers, and other torturous diseases and conditions.

Hence, availability of these substances for medical purposes should be ensured and their misuse should be prevented United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, The consumption of opium for medical and recreational purposes has a long history. For inhalation, opium is directly heated by charcoal or a hot and thin metal rod until the active alkaloids, particularly morphine, are smoked. During smoking, a great deal of morphine in the opium is lost.

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In the oral method, the bioavailability of morphine is diminished due to the metabolism in the digestive system and the hepatic first pass effect, but codeine is less affected Kalant, ; European Food Safety Authority, Furthermore, morphine is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine, thus the action of oral opium consumption starts after a delay, and the duration of this action is long. On the contrary, after smoking opium, the onset of action is fast and intense, and the duration of the action is shorter Kalant, In some of these studies, glycated hemoglobin HbA1cas an indicator of poor control of blood glucose, was ificantly higher in addicted groups Karam et al.

Another report on the addicted subjects attempting opium abstention showed that fasting blood glucose FBS did not change considerably 3 months after opium withdrawal Mahmoodi et al. A study on heroin and methadone addicts indicated that FBS was similar with control group, but insulin was ificantly higher in the addicted groups. After oral or intravenous glucose load, plasma glucose was ificantly higher and insulin response was ificantly lower in the addicted groups.

In another research, after the subjects had a standard meal, FBS was not different between the heroin addicts and the control group. C-peptide immunoreactivity, however, was lower and insulin immunoreactivity was higher in the addicts. In one study in opium addicts, FBS was ificantly higher compared to that of Do opiates thin your blood non-addicts Gozashti et al. In this report, the increase of FBS was accompanied with a ificant decrease in the fasting blood insulin.

The studies indicating effects of opium on blood glucose and diabetes. In contrast, several reports have indicated that opium has a positive impact on the fall of FBS. In a study on diabetic patients, the opium addiction ificantly decreased FBS and 2HPP glucose concentration 2-h post prandial compared to the non-addicted patients, but HbA1c did not alter Azod et al. Several studies on non-diabetic subjects also showed lower levels of FBS in opium addicts compared to the non-addicts Masoomi et al. Some studies have demonstrated the lower rate of diabetes among opium addicts compared to the non-addicts Masoomi et al.

One study showed the opposite result Yousefzadeh et al.

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In a more recent population-based study by the authors of this article on individuals, opium consumption had no ificant association with diabetes Najafipour et al. In one study on normoglycemic mice, there was no ificant difference in the blood glucose between the opium addicted group and the control group Mohammadi et al. Moreover, in one study on diabetic rats, regarding serum glucose, there was no ificant difference between the opium treated and the control group Sadeghian et al. Mami et al.

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These effects were attributed to the increased levels of epinephrine, glucagon, and cortisol in plasma Radosevich et al. In a similar study done on conscious rabbits, the administration of 0. The authors suggested that hyperglycemia made by high doses might be a response to the secretion of adrenaline May et al. In the study of Molina et al on rats, central infusion of morphine ificantly raised the blood glucose.

These data indicated that hyperglycemic effects of morphine were mediated through central nervous system CNSand were led to increased hepatic glucose production secondary to glycogenolysis and in part due to the decrease of insulin release Molina et al. Likewise, single intravenous injections of morphine 0. This effect of morphine was partly attributed to the increase of glucagon secretion Ipp et al.

Furthermore, in intra-peritoneally opium injected rats, blood glucose increased gradually between 30 and min after the injection of opium, compared to that of the control group Asadi et al.

In one study, the orally methadone therapy in the rats for a days period by increasing doses 0. In this study, blood glucose was returned back to its normal level 30 days after the withdrawal.

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In addition, while being exposed to methadone, the animals showed impairment in glucose tolerance test Sadava et al. Several studies on healthy subjects and on individuals who suffered from diabetes mellitus, acute myocardial infarction AMI and coronary artery disease CAD have indicated no ificant relations between opium addiction and triglyceride TGtotal cholesterol TClow density lipoprotein LDLand high density lipoprotein HDL levels Azod et al.

The studies indicating the effects of opium on blood lipids and dyslipidemia. On the other hand, some studies have shown that opium addiction has a harmful effect on one or more lipid parameters. One study on diabetic patients indicated that HDL ificantly decreased, or prevalence of low HDL increased in Do opiates thin your blood addicted compared to non-addicted patients.

Yet, other lipids were not different between the two groups Rahimi et al. In another study on diabetic patients, HDL was diminished only in men not in women Karam et al. Asgary et al. They showed that the ways of opium consumption smoking or ingestion had no impact on its outcomes; however, the duration of addiction of more than 2 years ificantly augmented LDL Asgary et al. Furthermore, in a study on patients who were candidates for coronary artery bypass grafting, the levels of LDL and TG were ificantly higher in opium addicts than non-addicts Aghadavoudi et al.

Maccaria et al.