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As far as mongering goes, the Dominican Republic is one of the most adventurous destinations you can visit. Not only that, but the actual location itself is one of the most beautiful on earth. The island benefits from the mixture of southern Atlantic and Caribbean climate, resulting in year-round hot temperatures that are the perfect match for the abundance of beaches all over the coast.

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PDF-1 1. View Usage Statistics. Staff View. Simple citation Rivera, Melissa. Sex tourism in the Dominican Republic and other developing countries.

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for information about Citation Management Tools at Rutgers. Description Title Sex tourism in the Dominican Republic and other developing countries. Date Created Other Date degree.

Extent 1 online resource vi, p. Description Over the past half-century, the process globalization has contributed to an increase in tourist travel from developed countries to less developed countries, with an increased dependency on this revenue.

An understudied and unintended consequence of increased tourism is the phenomenon of sex tourism, travel whose purpose is seeking sexual activity. Sex tourism can also contribute to overall economic development through the subsidization of tourist-related industries and can be a source of income for unemployed women.

Sex tourism has often been linked to sex trafficking; the coercion and exploitation of women and children. While literature exists on trafficking, very little is known about sex tourism per se.

This research aims to understand the political, economic and social factors associated with sex tourism in the Dominican Republic and other developing countries. To address these questions, this study will include a series of qualitative interviews with citizens and experts involved in addressing the problem of sex tourism in the Dominican Republic. This study also includes a broader statistical analysis of secondary data on sex tourism in developing countries around the world, which aimed at identifying the Dominican republic sex tour political, economic and social determinants.

Findings from both the qualitative and quantitative arms of this research will shed light on this important social problem and can help governments, nongovernmental organizations and law enforcement agencies formulate policies and legislation to address the issue.

Findings from this study can also be used to create better economic opportunities and options for women in the Dominican Republic and other developing countries. Note Ph. Note Includes bibliographical references. Note by Melissa Rivera. Genre theses, ETD doctoral. Language eng. Rights The author owns the copyright to this work.

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