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The effects of any drug including ecstasy vary from person to person. How ecstasy affects a person depends on many things including their size, weight and health, also whether the person is used to taking it and whether other drugs are taken around the same time. The effects of any drug also depend on the amount taken.

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I think that E is a great drug to use I know Ecstasy is insane. It is an amazing drug.

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Me and my friends are users of X. We know that it's illegal and not good for you, but it's only a once in a while thing.

My question is that I know there are different types of X pills that you can take. We have been getting motorolas and I know a friend told me that mitsubishis are really bad to take.

I was wondering the differences between the pills and the differences between triple and double stacked pills It's great that you're asking questions about different types of substances and how Ecstasy triple stack affect the body when making decisions about what to use.

MDMA, which has the chemical name 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphtamine, and street names ecstasy, E, or X, is a mood elevator that aims to produce a euphoric state. It's usually sold in pill or capsule form, and may cause rushes of exhilaration, often accompanied by nausea.

It can act as a stimulant, and may cause hallucinations when taken in higher doses. There are some forms of ecstasy that are stamped Ecstasy triple stack a popular logo or brand name, and "Motorolas" are a common type. Double or triple stacked pills take on their name because they supposedly contain two or three times as much MDMA as regular doses.

A pressed MDMA pill often has a stamped symbol on the front that's meant to ify its contents, and while some symbols have a "good" reputation, there can be ificant variations amongst pills with the same stamp based on regional differences. That being said, whether you're using ecstasy that has PMMA in it or not, there are still some potential risks associated with its use.

Ecstasy and the effects on the body

It has been associated with psychological effects, such as anxiety and depression. Further, it has been associated with physical side effects such as nausea and increased heart rate and blood pressure. For more information on how ecstasy may affect the body, you can read these Go Ask Alice! Someone experiencing an overdose requires the immediate help of a medical professional.

Types of ecstasy

While you mention only taking E from time to time, it might be beneficial to consider why you and your friends use it and how to mitigate risks associated with use. Have you considered other options for enjoying activities without it?

Have you thought through how you might handle the situation if an unwanted effect occurs? Ultimately it'll be up to you and your friends to each determine what level of risk is acceptable.

Hopefully this response has provided you with some knowledge to better make those determinations for yourself. If you are in an urgent situation, please visit our Emergency to view a list of 24 hour support services and hotlines.

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Ecstasy warning after pills found with double or triple doses in uk

In Your Box. Dear Alice, Me and my friends are users of X. Thank you, curious X. Dear Curious X, It's great that you're asking questions about different types of substances and how they affect the body when making decisions about what to use. Contact Alice! Originally Published:.

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