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Seducing Daddy. Author: LaceyChains.

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No one who saw them could doubt they loved and cared about each other. He was good looking, smart, funny and most likely would have climbed high up the corporate ladder Erotic story daddy for one thing. He had lost his wife to cancer and was dam sure he would not loose his last link to her through skewed priorities. Without a Mom, Melissa started sharing her most personal secrets with Dad almost as soon as she could talk.

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Most nights after Melissa had finished her homework she changed into a nightie and watch TV with Dad. She always want to start talking just as it became bedtime. Dad would turn off the TV and listen or reply as the conversation dictated. Reading them made her feel a little guilty but she could not deny they provided some very hot material for her nightly masturbation sessions.

Instead of dreaming about the hunks she saw at school or even the guys in popular boy bands the stories of hot Daddy loving crept into her subconscious. Those thoughts would likely have stayed only in her subconscious but for a boy named Danny, who had recently moved to the neighbourhood. Melissa was beyond cute and when she wore her slightly short school uniform those long legs gave any guy an instant hardon.

Even though she was not Erotic story daddy to throw herself at a boy, when the new hunk chatted her up she was thrilled. Much to the chagrin of her jealous friends Danny asked her out. Her Father had never seen Melissa in such a state as on date day. When her date knocked, Father invited Danny in and proudly watched his stunning daughter walk down the stairs. Dad wanting to be liberal adding two hours to her usual curfew.

Her Father was waiting up when she got home earlier than expected. Even though he could see she was upset he understood that she would tell him when ready. Melissa said her good nights and went off to bed. It was not until the next night that she was ready to talk.

When she sat on his lap he immediately turned off the TV. At first the two sat in silence. Even though she Erotic story daddy still upset Melissa was pleased with the contentment that washed over her when in his arms. Melissa explained that it all started so well. Danny being sixteen had his and the use of a car. They drove to a local plaza, ate pizza and then went to a theatre. She admitted Erotic story daddy they started necking. As she got to this point in the story Melissa stole a quick look at Dad to see if he was getting mad.

Nothing on his face gave her any indication of how he felt so she continued. She told him that Danny started to run his hands all over her as she did to him. Soon he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra above her breasts. After that things went bad as Danny pinched and pulled her nipples way to hard. Not only did this hurt but it scared her as he would not stop when she tried to push him away.

They had a big fight with a lot of yelling, making for an early end of the evening. Her Father for his part said nothing waiting for her to finish. She sat up telling Father he needed to take it off.

Not getting any resistance she unbutton and remove his shirt. While doing so she asked Father why Danny would acted so badly. That combined with his inexperience in pleasuring women resulted in touching her with no regards for what she liked. These thoughts made her horny and tempted her to do something naughty. Dad was shocked with the intimate contact but also noted how hard her nipple was before she had it between his Erotic story daddy.

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Dad knew his daughter was only acting innocent while getting off on this illicit behaviour. His girl had been turning him on these past two years and she had become the central mental image in his own sexual relief efforts.

Melissa moaned into his hairy chest pushing herself into to his big warm hand. Soon he sent her off to bed and Melissa reluctantly complied. When Melissa closed her bedroom she immediately stripped off her cloths, brought up one of her favourite Daddy-Daughter stories and fingered her pussy to a mind blowing climax. Meanwhile Melissa was not the only one feeling the heat. Daddy already knew his little girl had grown into a sexy women but had no idea why she instigated the contact.

Things returned to normal with neither mentioning what had happened. After a few days it became harder for Melissa to make herself come to the fading memories of those naughty moments. She decided the time was ripe for more naughtiness. That night when changing for bed she discarded her bra and picked an old nightie which Erotic story daddy way too small for her. It was both tight and short barely covered her butt. She put on silky panties pulling them into her butt crack exposing both cheeks. Without looking at Dad she Erotic story daddy out on her stomach.

As her excitement grew she moved her butt around allowing the nightie to slip up exposing herself. Every once in a while she looked back saying something about the TV show. Daddy rarely replied as his eyes were glued to her butt. Just before the show ended he got up and muttered something about needing to get more comfortable. While she was watching the end of the show he returned.

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As soon as it was over she got up to sit on his lap. Melissa stopped dead in her tracks as Daddy had changed into a robe with little else underneath. Her stomach instantly caught a bad Erotic story daddy of butterflies and she was unsure if it was such a good idea to continue with her plan.

One that he was wearing boxers and the other that her panties were getting wet. With the side of her face pressing against his bare chest and a bottom feeling a stiff presence Melissa decided to go for it. Well, I bent over to store my books then some guy touched under my skirt.

What she saw send sparks directly to her pussy. The belt of his robe had come loose and down one leg of his boxers was a thick long bulge pulsing his boxer leg up and down. She kept bending then stopped and said I was just like this when someone touched me. Her Father stared a her lovely firm orbs wanting to bury his face into the space Erotic story daddy. With great restraint he continued to play along.

His fingers slowly traced up the inside of her thighs starting just above her knees. Melissa could not stop a moan in anticipation of where those slowly sliding fingers may stop. By this time Melissa was panting with aahs accompanying each breath.

Just as she was sure he was going to touch her pantied covered pussy his fingers moved from between her legs to cup each butt cheek. Daddy placed two fingers on her wet spot and pressed the panties into her slit. Melissa groaned Erotic story daddy almost fell over saved by his hand on her stomach. Daddy rubbed and she moaned.

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In her aroused state Melissa barely recorded his fingers slipping under the elastic of her panties to rub her labia. He slowly stroked from her hole to under her clit driving Melissa to the edge of he first Daddy induced climax. As he continued to play, her breathing became rapid and voice changed pitch.

This time her knees buckled and he had to pull his girl back onto his lap. Melissa was in no condition to argue. She snuggled into his chest content to ride the erotic high Daddy had enticed from her body. This content appeared Erotic story daddy on new sex story.

When she was snoozing Daddy picked her up leaving to tuck her into bed. He quickly returned to the TV room fetching her sodden panties. His boxers dropped, immediately those silky panties were rapped around his shaft and he stroked himself thinking of his angel coming for him.

It did not take long before he deposited his Erotic story daddy into those undies. Again they did not want the erotic spell, of their illicit game, to stop so breakfast was eating as if nothing had happened. For her part Melissa had already jilled-off in bed when she awoke and then again in the shower just before breakfast.

Somehow he knew that it was her right to determine where this game would lead.