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Every aspect of paying for sex is illegal in Washington, but some offenses are considered more serious than others. Law enforcement—especially in the Seattle area—prioritize arresting and prosecuting certain types of prostitution-related offenses.

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Prostitution stings are a common fixture in the American news cycle. News reports and articles detail the tactics used by the police to catch sex buyers, whose identities are readily shared to the public—especially if they are celebrities or well-known within the community. The public shaming is supposed to dissuade people from soliciting and engaging in prostitution, but there is no evidence that sting operations effectively reduce the demand for sex workers, or even impact the sex industry in a meaningful way.

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If you are convicted of a misdemeanor you could be facing jail time and trouble securing employment in the future. Perhaps you have visited a website like back. You may have been looking for a massage or companionship, or simply looking for someone to talk to.

Law on patronizing a prostitute:

But now you find yourself facing criminal charges because of a police sting. The main defense to "Patronizing a Prostitute" charge is that there was no "prior understanding" that "sexual conduct" would occur.

The police may have used phrases or words that you did not readily understand. Words like "escort" and "full service" are not common phrases that are understood by all. Additionally, in order to be convicted of "Patronizing" you must have "completed the transaction.

Often time police arrest defendant "John's" before the transaction is complete. This means that an understanding was not reached to exchange money for sexual conduct.

Simply talking with someone or text messaging them is not a crime. The prosecution must show that an "understanding" was reached. If you were arrested at a hotel, motel or apartment complex before an understanding was actually reached then the prosecution may not be able to prove that an "understanding" was reached. If law enforcement officers "lured or induced" you into a situation then you may have the defense of entrapment.

Some defendants make a choice to not proceed to trial and accept a "plea deal" from the prosecution. Some defendants choose this option, but it is always their choice.

Some reasons for agreeing to a "plea deal" include receiving a "deferred sentence" in exchange for your plea. A "deferred sentence" is a program that is generally only offered to first time offenders.

What is prostitution?

It offers the defendant an opportunity to complete certain requirements in exchange for not being convicted of the crime. In the state of Washington these plea deals almost always include "John School. There are various "John School's" that can range from 8 - 40 hours. If you are considering exploring a "plea deal" with the prosecution you should be cautious and have an experienced attorney on your side. These "plea deals" are not always in your best interest and can cost you your freedom.

Prostitution: 9A. Promoting Travel for Prostitution: 9A.

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