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I date girl that Exo chanyeol dating rumors strangets

If celebrity sex scandals like Andy Hui's and Show Lo's are any indication, it's that dirty little secrets always come out. And now, the accusation from one supposedly scorned ex-girlfriend seems set to shock the K-pop world.

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In some shocking news, an OP who is claiming to be EXO member Chanyeol's ex-girlfriend for three years has accused him of cheating on her with over 10 girls throughout their relationship. As per Koreaboo, the OP wrote an extremely detailed post Exo chanyeol dating rumors an online community and shared it along with alleged photos of the two during their relationship. The pictures reportedly match Chanyeol's home when some compared the photos to a snap shared by the singer's sister Park Yoo-ra on Instagram where she is seen at her brother's abode, back in April.

Moreover, the beanie in the snap is apparently the same as Chanyeol's favourite beanie.

Exo's chanyeol is accused of cheating on his ex girlfriend with over 10 girls; sm entertainment responds

In her post addressed to Chanyeol, the OP stated that she's become "dirtied and ugly" after being fooled by the year-old singer. About their relationship, the OP claimed that the two met around October and after flirting like regular couples, Chanyeol asked her out. While I was sleeping peacefully, you were always busy playing around dirtily with a new woman.

That included a variety of girl group members, Youtubers, broadcast Exo chanyeol dating rumors, dancers, stewardesses, and more. Do you like it? You were pretty famous. Everyone around you, except for me, knew how dirty you are.

The OP also claimed that when another member showed interest in her, she was surprised with how he didn't say a word or showed that he was in a bad mood in front of the member.

Instead, Chanyeol would curse out the member behind his back. According to the OP, the reason for this was because he was allegedly not proud of their relationship. The OP also claimed that she jokingly told Chanyeol that if he was going to cheat on her, do it secretly, which he allegedly followed.

So I named one of the girls you slept with, and after being silent for 3 seconds, you said, 'What about her? The OP shared that Exo chanyeol dating rumors hid the photos from her closest friends and claimed to not have a boyfriend because she wanted to protect Chanyeol's career. Don't contact me," the OP concluded. What do you have to say about the cheating allegations put forward on Chanyeol? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

EXOLs rejoice! Nation's Pick EXO announces comeback in celebration of 9th debut anniversary. Anonymous : We dont believe in this types of rumors chanyeol is a very good person. REPLY 0 3 weeks ago. Anonymous : One night stand!!!! And we dont waste our time for wastage and talk shit about shits REPLY 2 4 months ago.

Connect, post, share, repeat !!

Anonymous : Who cares about rumours like this. True fans will always love you,no matter what. You know Oppa, first impression is the best impression and you really has taken the hearts of millions through your first impression. You are my inspiration Don't mind the antis. REPLY 2 6 months ago. Anonymous : The world is developing, more technologies are introduced with that people are having the heart of machines. If that so called ex girlfriend had really gone through Such things Why posted such things in media?

To gain attention?

To gain popularity? Or to ruin his career? If its really true Plz show urself in the media. Just show urself n tell ur story. I kept wondering. Why caring too much of their statues. One bacomes fan of them either by their singingOr dancing Exo chanyeol dating rumors or either by their physical or acting skilles. Is not that one becomes fan of their statues.? So why bOther Abt such things. Its quit sad that k idols r treated like a student in my country So why bother them abt their statues Just appreciate their talents n thank them foR Making ur day beautiful coz of their songs I m thankful for allll the k idols Love u all sry its just my opion, if i offend some one sorry REPLY 5 6 months ago.

Anonymous : We exol believe in Chanyeol. We know he would never do like this.

I don't believe, I can't even imagine Chanyeol doing this. Hope the truth reveals soon. Chanyeol we support you, fighting! REPLY 13 8 months ago. Anonymous : Fighting Oppa. We are EXO L always by your side. REPLY 10 8 months ago.

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Anonymous : Ok first you sound dumb, You are going around telling people that your so call Ex boyfriend. Cheated on you with all this other women but yet you have no proof it's sound to me you just want your 15 minute of. While hurting. His career I hope that his company's take you down. Young man keep your head up keep fighting.

And most of all Keep the Faith Just know this will pass. REPLY 15 8 months ago. Anonymous : The only thing that bothers me is I wish that exo never had korean fans REPLY 25 8 months ago. Anonymous : I dont mean to sound rude but I so agree with you.

REPLY 6 8 months ago. Anonymous : I agree. Koraan fan are really toxic and really Dangerous. They act like they own the k idol by just becoming fan. I mean come on everyone has their own life. You can't act like you own them. Korean fan should really have a reality check. REPLY 4 6 months ago. Anonymous : Fighting oppa.

REPLY 8 8 months ago. Anonymous : This is fake. REPLY 9 8 months ago.

Anonymous : this isn't the first time ex-gf came and made claims, one girl literally said something and Woojin and showed this photo saying it was from the night he harassed her but it was just smth she stole from some random person. Let's please not run to conclusions cause this can ruin someones life. Look at kim hyun joong whose gf said he beat her and everyone turned against him, and in the end it was all just lies but it was too late.

Stay happy and healthy and don't worry we exol are always there for you. Anonymous : Stop spreading such rumours without any conformation and even stop spoiling his image. And no matter what rumours heater will spread we exol will always believe our idols and support them. Don't worry oppa, we are with you. Anonymous : If that girl really loves him and wanted to shield him why did she post this in social media I don't call this a true love. REPLY 12 8 months ago. Anonymous : What's wrong with that girl?

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REPLY 11 8 months ago. Anonymous : I'm neither and Exol nor an anti exo but if this girl is right then also she doesn't have a right to publicise this.

It not only brings down Chanyeol's reputation but also Exo's reputation.