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Even though it has only been a week, I am already experiencing a kind of personal Frank talk blog - a rebirth of a type of physical freedom that I have not experienced since I was a much younger man - with a key difference. I must admit though, even with the challenges, it was a helleva' ride! But, now, hopefully, I'll have just enough of both. The prospect is certainly appealing - so far. One of the more positive aspects of all of that new-found freedom is the time to think.

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The purpose of Virtual FRANK Talks is to encourage participants to weigh facts, provide the opportunity to put them in context, and consider different points of Frank talk blog. Virtual FRANK Talks inspire people to practice the skills of citizenship—to listen respectfully and engage thoughtfully on issues that affect our communities. Topics can include education, immigration, religion, civil rights, and more. Please note that your program must be approved before you begin marketing and promotion. This will help us avoid scheduling the same programs too close together.

Go to www. As always, you must be registered with an. Please note that the Application Requirements, Presentation Information, and Payment Procedures forms have all been updated.

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Complete and submit the online application form. AH staff will schedule the program with our ZOOM and send you a link to both the meeting and the program recording. This is new and important. You will use the link when you market and promote the program. The link will allow participants to register for the program in advance.

It will require them to enter their name and address.

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Following registration, participants will receive an electronic confirmation. They will use this information to participate in the program. This process allows AH to protect the security of the program and reduce hacking, ZOOM bombing, or other program disruptions. You may not use your own ZOOM or other virtual platform to register participants. This is strictly prohibited. Topics ly offered are no longer available.

You will need to cancel any old programs and reschedule new topics only. Please note Frank talk blog the introductions to each of these programs are now pre-recorded. The brief recorded intro is followed by a live interactive program with the Speaker. All opinions are welcome, but participants must model respectful behavior, or they may be removed from the meeting.

In the U. This means an individual or a community may articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. But what happens when the speech reflects hatred or promotes violence?

Who ascribes to extremist views? Public opinions have always differed, but in recent years we have seen an increase in extreme views expressed in person and through social media. How do we respond, connect, and relate to people who espouse extreme beliefs? We may avoid people who think and believe differently from us — especially when what we hear is loud, passionate, or threatening.

Frank talk, a ceo blog by frank holmes

But rather than just avoid, how can we safely and productively respond? us for an exploration of the impact of and responses to extremism now. The terminology we use to identify ourselves and others is meaningful. What is your name?

What do you call yourself? What do others call you?

What groups, clubs, tribes, or clans do you belong to, or not? They can convey respect or disrespect, and inclusion or exclusion, depending on the words we choose to use. Do your daily communications and interactions send the message you intend? us as we learn how to approach terminology with a sense of wonder, and not fear.

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To understand what decolonization means today, we must first understand historically what colonialism is, and how it has shaped our thinking and actions in the Frank talk blog. Who was, and who was not colonized? Colonialist thinking can permeate education, media, government policies, and our lived experiences every day. Colonialist thinking can empower some of us, while disenfranchising, exploiting or marginalizing others. In what ways do we consciously or unconsciously engage in colonialist practices, beliefs, or concepts today?

What steps can we take to begin to decolonize our thinking, and why does it matter? What is the cost to individuals or communities if we choose not to? this interactive discussion about the impact of colonization and decolonization on the way we live and work together. The term systemic racism is being used a lot these days by political pundits and ordinary people.

What is the notion of systemic racism? What are the key definitions that we need to know to understand systemic racism?

The concepts of race, racism, reverse racism, white privilege, intersectional racism, affirmative action, political correctness, and systemic racism are interrelated, but not unique to U. Where do they come from? What is the connection in the U. us for a conversation on race relations and learn how to help Frank talk blog understand and talk about systemic racism. What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism? Throughout history people have demonstrated patriotism through military service, government service, protests, marches, sit-ins and more.

How is patriotism expressed now? When Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem, a heated debate erupted in America. Does social activism have a place in sports? Who can protest and when? American athletes have a long history of using their platform to call attention to issues of inequity, with many experiencing negative public and official backlash.

Today more and more athletes are speaking out and ing together to make public statements challenging social injustice and police brutality. Is protest in American sports more mainstream and acceptable now? Are sports stars, as public figures, responsible for speaking out?

us for a conversation about the role of athletes in protest, from history to our present Frank talk blog. Recent research on the frequency of mass shootings indicates that they are becoming more common and more deadly. A mass Frank talk blog is defined as four or more people excluding the gunman being injured or killed in an incident. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey,people were victims of crimes that involved a firearm inandin As of March 31,mass shootings occurred in the U.

The public is overwhelmingly opposed to gun violence, yet there is no consensus on root causes or corrective measures. Can we reduce gun violence and support the second amendment?

How do mental Frank talk blog, toxic masculinity, and racism factor into the equation of gun ownership and access to weapons? The U. Is gun ownership a matter of individual rights or a human rights issue? What makes the culture and beliefs about gun ownership different in the U. us for this timely conversation on the history and evolution of gun violence and mass shootings in America, and some of the possible solutions to this other epidemic.

When a new highway is built—who does it benefit? Which communities are connected, and which communities are broken apart?

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Whose properties and which groups of people are valued? How has the development of transportation and land deepened inequities in our country?

What steps can we take now to shape a different future? us for a discussion on the social, cultural and economic impact of infrastructure development in diverse communities. The war on drugs. Tough on crime.

They are taking our jobs. They are bad drivers.

Gain insights from frank holmes on gold and natural resources, and read his thoughts on emerging markets, geopolitical events and more in our award-winning investing blog.

They are lazy. They are good people. What does the media suggest with these coded phrases? How can we begin to actively analyze all parts of the language we hear in the news to become more critical listeners? What are the facts, Frank talk blog what are myths or stereotypes about different genders, cultures, races? This discussion will help participants recognize the harmful language that we hear every day, and learn more about how language can be used to promote false narratives and perpetuate discrimination.

Public education resources are meant to be equally accessible to all students. But intentions do not always match reality. Why do some students excel in the classroom and not others? Research demonstrates that testing, and consequently differential treatment, can impact the way students perform, their opportunities for achievement, and sense of self-worth. Educational outcomes for all students are influenced by the history, social context, and norms reflected both in the curricula and the classroom.