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Our goal? Rescue a litter of 7 puppies. On that first trip, so many things went wrong. I had no idea that in different parts of the country, the conditions for dogs were brutal. When we arrived in Houston, we saw dozens of dogs walking along city streets and when we arrived at the shelter, there was a line at the front door for people trying to surrender their dogs.

The shelter was overcrowded and there were dozens of rescue groups in the South trying to make a difference, but needing partners in Northern states to help. At the time, I had been working in a shelter in Wisconsin.

Green bay campus

Things were different at our shelter; many of our kennels sat open waiting for dogs. Naturally, it made sense to start helping in the South.

Seeing overcrowding first hand woke me up and I immediately jumped into wanting to do everything and anything I could to help. In that first year, I went to Texas 6 times to rescue dogs. But looking back, I was taking on too much. I had lit the candle at both ends and was burning myself out. I was a full time college student, working at a shelter in Wisconsin, trying to rescue dogs across the country and was still learning about myself as I came into early adulthood.

I was tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed Free puppies in green bay wi not being able to do enough. I was trying to rescue as many dogs as I could, while learning as much as I could, and building a team. Something had to give. When I started the rescue, it was my goal to build a place that was focused on positivity, inclusion, transparency, and education. But you cannot do anything by yourself.

Our team started to attract some amazing foster homes and volunteers and together we were able to build a rescue with that early vision in mind. Lucky 7 was founded by me, but it was built Free puppies in green bay wi all of us. In the last few years especially, I have been able to watch our incredible team take parts of the rescue and put their own perspective on it-watering those early roots and helping it grow.

That team is what created the rescue you see today. As we approach our 6th year as a rescue, we have built a team that I am unbelievably proud of- one that saves dogs while uplifting one another. Rescue tends to appeal to compassionate people and compassion fatigue is real! It is far too easy to find yourself headed down a rabbit hole, but having a team that can advocate for one another, dogs, and the community allows us to continue to grow and learn.

With continued education we are able to develop ourselves as a team of animal advocates and therefore do better by our dogs and our adopters. Our team focuses on providing a great experience to adopters, while utilizing the adoption process as a way to educate others and create a dog savvy community. We take our time in this process, learning as much as we can about the dogs and what is best for them. That means that the adoption process can take a bit of time, but it is our hope that we are advocating for both the dog and the adopter and doing our very best to find what is best for both of them.

We take in dogs from all over the country: from overcrowded shelters down south, from local owners who are in need, or nearby groups who may have a dog they are struggling with. However, we continue to operate as an entirely foster based rescue, so in order to take a dog into our program, we must have a suitable foster home. We have adopted Free puppies in green bay wi over 1, dogs since our founding and in that time we have learned that rescue is about more than just getting a dog in a home- it is about keeping a dog in their home.

For that reason, we have recently added several services to our rescue to help adopters after they have found their forever friend. The say it takes a village to raise .

Free puppies in green bay, wi

Well, it takes a pack to raise dogs. This is ours. First and foremost, we are an adoption agency. You have probably heard the saying that when you adopt a dog, you are really saving two lives- the dog you take home and the dog who can now be saved because a spot has opened up.

And that is true! We believe that in order to keep rescuing dogs, we need to continue adopting the dogs out. But those dogs also must stay in their homes. When you adopt with us, we work with you to help you find the best fit for your family.

Some people believe that a puppy is right for their family, but after talking through what they are looking for, they may find that an older dog is better suited for their current family needs. It is our hope that we can use our experience to find you a forever friend, save a life, and create an educated and dog savvy community. To get started with the adoption process.

We take in dogs from other organizations who are in need as well as local owner surrenders.

Free pets to good home in green bay

For shelters and rescues, the process is quite simple- you fill out a partner form, we see if we have a matching foster home, and then we take the dog in. Dogs are required to have a health certificate as well as be up to date on vaccines, preventatives and negative for heartworm. We ask our partner organizations to provide as much information about personality as possible. We do not shy away from the tougher cases, but we need to know everything we can about the dog to ensure we have the right foster home for them and also get them set up on a behavioral plan if that is what is needed.

Free puppies free in green bay, wi

For owners who are in need of a new place for the dog, the process is similar. Our Owner Surrender coordinators, Denise and Emily, have helped this part of program flourish in the last two years. We started the rescue by working primarily with shelters, but with the hard work of our crew we have been able to help more local dogs than ever before. Sometimes when you take a dog home, you may find it is not a good fit. That does not mean that you are not a fit owner. We work with owners to first give them tips and guidance to hopefully help the situation and keep the dog in their home.

When that happens we do our absolute best to find a foster home and take that dog into our program so we can find them the right fit family for them.

For more information on placing a dog in our program. The two buttons below will also bring you to our intake request forms. Transport partners and Owner Surrenders please click the deated button to continue. We are an entirely foster based and volunteer run rescue. Due to COVID, our volunteer opportunities are currently limited, however, we are always in need of foster homes.

For more information on fostering, please and for information on volunteering, please info lucky7dogrescue.

Education is at the forefront of our rescue. Part of volunteering and fostering with Lucky 7 is learning more about dog body language and basic obedience. But after 5 years as a rescue, we wanted to start offering these same opportunities for learning to our adopters and the community. Our rescue office houses a square foot play yard which has allowed us the new opportunity to do that. We now offer training services to our adopters and the public.

We offer both private and group lessons that range in offerings from Puppy Skills to Behavior Modification. To check out our classes and meet our trainers, please. As a rescue, we adopt out dogs with all kinds of personalities.

Some do great with other dogs and a visit to a public dog park is right up their alley. For others, they prefer quieter play. For that reason, we wanted to provide an indoor, year long, enrichment option for dogs and their owners. Whether your dog does great with others and you just want and indoor place to hang around, or you are working on behavior modification and want to visit while still having your space, we allow that too!

The play yard is also available for rental by dog trainers and professionals who are in need of a space. To reserve the play yard. Coffee and tea lovers rejoice! There is now a pup friendly place to grab a quick sip, a snack, and even bring your dog! We have limited hours and a small service walk up coffee bar.

Dogs are welcome, but must be on leash when visiting the coffee shop side of our establishment. No nose to nose visits with other dogs and be prepared to be asked to leave if needed. You should never walk your Free puppies in green bay wi up to another dog you do not know because even if your dog is friendly, the other dog might not be. At our coffee bar, you are welcome to bring your pup in to order and find a place to hang out while you wait, but understand that it is our responsibility to advocate for a dog savvy community and part of that is giving dogs their space even when we want to love on them.

Adopting a senior dog is one of the greatest gifts you can give. They have seen and done it all and now they are looking for a warm, cozy, forever home to retire. We have adopted tons of seniors all with their own story.