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By Holly. Want some funny responses for when you need to accept a compliment? While the best response to any compliment is "thank you," not many people use it. Instead, they'll shrug off the compliment and tear themselves down by saying that it's just not true. No one wants to hear that you disagree with what they've just said, so if you can't simply say "thank you," you might as well give them a funny response.

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Everyone likes to receive compliments.

How are we supposed to deal with compliments?

If expressed sincerely and kept appropriate to the context, compliments can help build self-esteem and evoke positive Funny replies to compliments for both the giver and the receiver. No matter what the occasion, compliments can defuse tension and forge a strong bond between people. Compliments should be given generously and received graciously, and what is generously given should be graciously received. However, some people find it challenging to respond graciously to compliments.

One of the thumb rules in relationship dynamics is that you should never hold back from giving or responding to compliments. An honest compliment can help you build rapport and trust with your colleagues, superiors, and loved ones. On the contrary, downplaying or deflecting a compliment is viewed as bad manners and puts off the person who offered it. When you reject a compliment, you not only exhibit a lack of self-confidence, but also make the person feel bad and deter them from paying future compliments.

How to respond to compliments (generally)

Giving or receiving compliments can sometimes cause stress or embarrassment. When compliments come your way, respond gracefully. Here are a few things to remember when you respond to compliments. You make me happy.

Funny responses to compliments

I am glad to see you. When you receive a genuine compliment, say thank you sincerely. You should receive compliments from the bottom of your heart.

Always remember that a sincere compliment is a verbal gift, worth more than any materialistic gift. Accept compliments at face value and do not read too much into them. In other words, accept compliments as they are without reading too much into them.

When responding to a compliment, make eye contact, smile, and use open gestures to reinforce your message. Acknowledge it, accept it, and respond wholeheartedly.

How to respond to a compliment

The best way to express interest without breaking social rules is to maintain eye contact when responding to a compliment. When you get a compliment, respond positively, and never harbor negative thoughts. If you have a hard time Funny replies to compliments compliments, it may reflect your low self-worth. When someone compliments you, and you receive it wholeheartedly, there is a positive exchange of energy.

The name makes the individual special and unique. When responding to a compliment, remember to mention the name of the giver. Realize that the name is owned by the person. When remembering names, be like Napoleon — despite his royal duties, he still remembered the names of everyone he had met.

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Your tone of voice should reflect happiness and gratitude. Just embrace the moment and express gratitude.

When you show appreciation for receiving compliments, you establish a strong connection with people. It allows others to know that what they do is essential to you. Thank you. Body language is a powerful communication tool. When you get compliments from others, lean forward slightly and smile.

If you cross your hands, especially in the workplace, it can create a hostile atmosphere. Avoid sending out wrong non-verbal cues such as casual postures, crossed arms, awkward pauses, and lengthy silences. Also, do not turn your body away from the person who compliments you.

It makes a huge difference when you show you are genuinely receptive to receiving the compliment.

You must always accept awards, citations, or trophies with both hands and keep your right hand free to shake hands with the presenter. If the compliments result from the cooperative team effort, rather than just accepting compliments, share the compliments with coworkers and thank them for their efforts — compliments when shared feel more special and valuable.

Make sure to give credit to those who helped you in your accomplishment.

Clever responses to compliments

Our children are little versions of ourselves. Compliments can brighten your day.

You can generously accept compliments and respond in a way that makes the communication go smoothly. The only problem is that the dog next door suddenly became friendly.

Flirting is about how you convey your message without directly saying things. Keep the game interesting and friendly, and make it clear that you are being fun. Here are some flirty one-liners that will come in handy. We often undermine the power of a kind word, a smile, a small act of caring, or a small achievement.

Remember, when you respond to compliments, you establish a new attitude and a new habit to replace the old practices that you have honed throughout your life. Starting today, when someone compliments you, choose to listen carefully.