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After hearing the community's complaints and general negative feedback regarding the long wait times experienced during Gears of War 2 matchmaking, Epic's. Gears of War 4 matchmaking issues It appears that the only solution to fix these matchmaking issues once Shadow Warrior 2; Gears of War 4 known. Let me know what you all think.

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I remember the first time I played Gears of War. I was late to the party because right around when it was initially released I had sold my Xbox never to return to the platform. But I had heard such amazing things about the game and one Christmas about 2 years later I found myself at my cousin's house with a lonely Xbox sitting there with a Gears of War disc ready to take the plunge. So with high expectations and great anticipation I loaded up the first chapter in what I was told was an epic experience. I was thoroughly and completely underwhelmed. Gears of War is a cover based third-person shooter known for it's over the top style and gorgeous graphics.

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Posted on 31 August 15 at I thought there wasn't suppose to be a host Advantage in this game?

There clearly is cause when you're host your bullets do a bit more damage and you almost 1 shot everyone with the gnasher. You also shoot faster. Anyone else notice there ever being someone in a game with like 16 kills and everyone else don't even have 10? Why do they still have it in here?

Gears of war outages reported in the last 24 hours

Homunculus FuryA: Please check the server list on the main screen of the game and select the closest server to you. If you are playing with someone else as a host e. Strategy OnePosted on 01 September 15 at Seems as though there isn't really host anymore but people with better connections then others. In this game there are times where I am doing good, but not host good. The better you connection, the better your gnasher is. FiveWizzDefinitely some advantage but it appears it's not a host advantage.

Just try to not let it get to you like it does to me. So frustrating shooting someone in the back 3 times point-blank for them to turn around and shoot you from half a mile away and take you down. I've not really experienced this issue until this gears game.

It sounds like it depends on the player but the gnasher just seems to fire air. It makes a noise but nothing happens. It's literally unusable. I use all other guns most others seem to work fine.

Dragonborn Gear 1, Posted on 02 September 15 at I always find it irritating that anyone would just see one person dominating and assume it's host. That has always happened whether it be while someone is definitely not host but gets blamed for it or in a current game like this where there is no host even possible because of servers and people still get blamed. I have noticed no problem with the shotgun in this game.

Occasionally I will get one-shotted from quite a distance, but that is just the luck of connecting all of the spread. If you are having trouble, it's you or your connection. If you're good, you can always one shot-down someone from a relatively close distance without active if you land the shot properly or even head shot them. If you played gears back in the day, you would know that long-distance hehots with the gnasher never gave hehots unless you were host. I get hehots all the time and I get my head popped occasionally.

The game is very balanced and very well-updated. Also, friendly reminder: gears one gnasher currently shoots as it used to albeit a different spread pattern ; in the middle of the screen, not out of the barrel at the expected trajectory. Nah the shotgun doesn't work properly Coalition have admitted it themselves on the site and forums and have said a patch is coming But I'm glad for you that it all seems to be working well.

Gears of war: ultimate edition

I read up on some of the forums about people complaining that their shots weren't registering as expected meaning Gears of war ultimate edition matchmaking slow shots are not causing the proper degree of damage or only 2 shots in the spread while hip-firing. I have not heard nor seen any of this happening, so I am still leaning towards believing these people are just not quite aware of how the shotgun truly works. Regardless, if this is truly happening then it should obviously be rectified. I can't say just because I have not experienced it that it doesn't happen, but I would hope they would only FIX this issue rather than change the shotgun up.

I think it works perfectly and as expected considering it is an updated version of the original. I just don't want to see them fix what isn't broken and make it worse. Also, I found it interesting that on a FAQ, Coalition implied that people wanted the spread to always be in the center of the screen for example the only time the bullets come directly from the gun is when a wall blocks the gun so you can't shoot around corners magically.

That is one of the things they fixed in Gears of War 2 and on making the game arguably easier to hip-fire since the firing is more intuitive.

I don't know whose idea it was to have a third-person shooter where the bullets magically go to the middle of the screen instead of come out of the gun unless it was just easier to code that way, but I am no programmer, so I have no idea on that point. And on the main point of the original poster, there is not host advantage.

Host advantage

Gears 2 had plenty of host advantage. At this point, if there is any advantage, it's the reduced latency of a better connection. Yeah it's all a bit confusing to be honest but I guess there's some validity to the issue if coalition themselves have admitted to it to a degree.

I consider myself a bit of a veteran after spending majority of my gaming time playing gears online for all titles in the series and I've had some serious issues with the shotgun not acting as expected in this version But on the other hand there are a lot of stories where people like yourself have not had a problem so I'm not sure what the solution needs to be; smarter Gears of war ultimate edition matchmaking slow than me will be making that decision lol. I mean I know mine is funky when I make a direct hit with the Boomshot and the player doesn't even go down let alone explode so I have to say I just think there's a problem in general.

My internet connection is very strong and i'm wired up to the router etc. Last nights session was really good actually in comparison but that's because I was just two piecing everybody which isn't as fun to be honest it sucked all the enjoyment out of it. Either way it's easier just to bash em on the fucking head :. TheDeuterostomePosted on 03 September 15 at My gnasher just blows and makes me not want to play the damn online.

I have played all the gears games religously and this is by far the most frustrating game yet. On a good note the game does look beautiful. Regardless the online part is becoming very disintresting to me.

AceMcCoy73 1, Posted on 06 September 15 at My gnasher is generally a complete joke. Really sucks the fun factor out of the multiplayer.

Posted on 07 September 15 at Hated it for the first few days but have got used to it. Hip firing isn't perfect but now I've just learned to aim and go for the head instead of the body. Body shots don't seem to blow people to bits like they used to so I just try for the head and it seems to work much better whilst also smacking people with the B button if I can just before shooting them.

I actually just started experiencing a really annoying glitch.

Expect this stuff to be fixed in gears of war: ultimate edition

It fixes once I let go of the trigger and try again, but obviously that puts me at a huge disadvantage. I think that is one of the known bugs. The most annoying thing is i have tested it and it only seems to happen when I actually try shooting and enemy, and it's random so I don't know how to avoid it.

That's deffo a strange one The only thing I can compare that to is moments where I feel like ive got the shot off same time as someone or before yet I blow to bits and I just p I'm being too slow or that the slight natural lag means that im seeing events a millisecond later than they happen. Not sure man.

Yeah that's new to me. ProDw1SloppyJoe 1, Posted on 08 September 15 at This logic is pretty screwed up than - basically based on where you live you have an automatic advantage. Not ing for people that may just have slower internet in general I say this because there have been times where it really does feel like original Gear 1 host advantage to me. There are games where I dominate and games where I can't seem to connect with a single gnasher shot. If location of server actually does make THAT much of a difference it almost deters me from wanting to play with my friends that are in a different time zone.

Posted on 09 September 15 at It makes me want to not play at all. I have torn through every gears before this and this is god awful. Its ridiculous and i will probably just move Gears of war ultimate edition matchmaking slow to something else. AKfoy0facePosted on 10 September 15 at Theone, I did not see anything that led me to believe that was host advantage. If you are referring to how you didn't die while on the ground taking shots, it's execution. He wasn't close enough. The guy you were playing against was an idiot. If you are referring to the one shot down, that's what is supposed to work.

You connected a well-aimed shot.