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I'm looking up boy that Gentlemens gold club review reading

If you're looking for a quiet time to go, the day after one of the club's customer appreciation days is a good choice. By chance, I was there the day after they had their December event, and the dancers outed the customers in the early afternoon, but it picked up a bit by 4pm or so.

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I cant speak of the place as a strip club but I saw my very first metal show at the Gentlemans Gold Club back in Fall There were several bands that opened for Voivod and Pro-Pain my memory is hazy, no disrespect to the other acts.

I understand that the place has changed hands at least once since then. I was only there once but its a great memory from my youth! I would suggest any dancers darker than a paper bag to not bother auditioning. They will not hire you. Do NOT waste your time. This is a beautiful place to go.

The gold club

I send alot of people and have have never been told anything but good things. You can tell they treat there workers great I would love to get a job there ofcourse not dancing lol but anything else Dont really like it here. The girls dont approach you and the make you feel unwelcomed. I always felt lonely and left out coming here. Been going here for about a year and a half. This is an excellent well runned club. Great staff, beautiful ladies, could not be more satisfied, I get exactly what I want every time I come.

Gentlemen's gold club

You all make it count when it matters the most. Keep it up you all deserve more than a 5 star rating. I auditioned here.

I have experience in dancing and did a great job at my audition. I was told to call back Thursday when I called back they claimed they have to many girls. Later on that week I had one of my Caucasian friends who has no experience go in and audition.

She got the job. I went in this afternoon.

They are using the smaller side of the club on Mon. I walked in an the girl dancing on stage had a one piece on and never even took her top off. The rest of the girls took their tops off but never took their bottoms off. This is a full nude bar. That is why I go to the City. Nude strip clubs.

This experience was highly disappointing. I left after a half hour and went to Scores and had a much better experience.

I hope this is not the norm for this club now I usually have a great time. The show took a long time to start and I felt like the host was the center of the show because they didnt show much of the male dancers. Then during the show two bachelorette Gentlemens gold club review gotten into a verbal altercation which cause the male dancer to stop his performance to stop the altercation, if the dancer didnt stop the altercation there would have been a actual fight and the security guard didnt do much to stop the altercation.

I was so uncomfortable because there was a group of girls completely drunk. I felt for the money I paid the club shouldve been better. I see that the owner wrote under this stating that they wanted me to come back, I wrote back to the owner and he never replied to my for the discount that I was offer. A good time with beautiful sexy ladies. Baltimores original locally owned and operated adult entertainment establishment.

All sorts of daily drink specials. Steak Nights every Sunday. Great place to watch local sports!

Friday nights have something for men and women! Free, Safe, and bright parking lot. My favorite club in Baltimore. Whatever your type you will find her there. You get what you give.

The gentlemen's gold club

I mean sit at the stage, TIP, and appreciate the view and the beautiful walking artwork and you will have an amazing time!!!! Because this Gold club, if I am not mistaken ,is located in Baltimore.

Why do they think they are upscale in one of the most dangerous cities in America. That I do not understand. Good day sir Good day. Bouncers were cool Bar tender was great All the girls were nice with the exception of Lola She ripped me off Went on a Monday and had a really good experience. Security was low key, and most of the girls were very good looking. Overall a really good time and it is upscale compared to alot of places around it.

Gentlemen's gold club reviews

Thieves Stay away from this place. They stole my money Scott the manager says weve been doing this for 15 years there is nothing you can do about it. I will be filing a police report. Go somewhere else trust me this place is super shady and will take your money without your permission.

Its a great place to and fun The dancers are gorgeous and have great personalities Large open club with great views from all over.

Double sided with female and male entertainment. Great food.

This is obstetrics Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I ask for the manger they told me he is in th kitchen. I only have ONE single, sexy, amazing, stunningultra smoking hot comment to make You woman are a goddess with a golden heart.

I hope I spelled it correct, my sincere apologies if I did not. My boy Kyle absolutely loved your grind! Some day soon you will get your wish.

Mmm mmm delicious. But they just werent, I kept going back to gold club every time. I love the atmosphere, the girls are all smokin hot, bouncers were all cool. Idk, I just love the place.