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FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Feeling lonely, loveless, and socially isolated?

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This is a ranked list of all the best songs about loneliness, as voted on by music fans like you. Spending time alone can be mentally draining, but luckily there is music to help cope with the isolation. Some of the songs included below may have the word "lonely" in the lyrics or title, while others are only about loneliness as a subject or theme. Music about isolation, alienation, and solidarity are all on this poll, whether it's about physical loneliness or emotional loneliness.

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Lonely song no. “all i want” by joni mitchell

Loneliness can sometimes feel like eternal existential angst. Writers like Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, and Franz Kafka have devoted novels wrestling with this feeling and what it says about the human condition. You may even Good songs about loneliness to share a playlist and a Spotify gift card with a friend who's feeling similarly.

Sadness is a universal emotion, as is loneliness. This is a song off her album, Manic. Halsey relates that she wrote the song one night, after calling through all the contacts in her phone out of sheer loneliness. Written by the lead singer after his sister died of cancer, this is a poignant song to rally oneself away from loneliness and depressed feelings.

So take it one breath at a time. Long before Twenty One Pilots got famous with albums like Blurryfacethey wrote raw, piano-oriented songs like this one. Three indie singer-songwriters came together for a short EP called boygeniuswhere this song hails from.

This first song starts off with the three ladies singing about an inevitable lack of ability to love someone.

A classic for lonely people everywhere, this song asks important questions: where do they come from? Where are they going? If you want a funeral soundtrack, songs about death may be more up your alley. However, if your loved one enjoyed the bliss of solitude more than the pain of loneliness, some of these songs might be great to play.

Here are some of the most uplifting songs about being alone and liking it:. From feeling lonely to going out with friends, it can be an awkward in-between phase. Carey won a Grammy for this uplifting track off her album Music Box.

Going by the title—of both the song and the band! But as far as songs about loneliness go, it really is. All it takes is time. As a hard-living singer, Winehouse knew all about the rollercoaster that your emotions can take sometimes.

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Need some sadness laced with angst? Let some rock music seep into your loneliness. Maybe it'll even help lift it. A favorite from the album American Idiotthis song captures what loneliness feels like—watching a display of broken dreams pass you by. In this song, Robyn reclaims that feeling by dancing alone. This song is tragic and despondent, which features heavily in a few Death Cab for Cutie albums.

A classic rock hit fromSquier sings about how the life of a rock star is far lonelier than you think. This song won critical acclaim in the rock and pop worlds.

Lonely song no. “need you now” by lady antebellum

These tunes, however, hit the spot. A popular track off his album Big, G-Eazy talks about the jealousy and pain that comes with loneliness. This song is a wrenching culmination of those themes. You might be familiar with the Fugees version of this moody and mournful song.

Lauryn Hill does her best to give a proper homage to the original. One song is rarely this versatile.

But this nostalgic cry-song has been used at graduations, funerals, and more. This hit was a follow-up to a dramatic duet between Brandy and Monica, entitled The Boy is Mine. The psychic told her that she should marry herself—so Lizzo wrote a song about it.

The country music genre has nailed lonely and sad songs. Here are some of the top country songs about being lonely:.

Chronic loneliness is an epidemic

Being the kid in a divorce is one of the toughest, loneliest spots to be in. This song was written based on two tragedies.

The song sat around, though, unfinished and unperformed. This song, about how lonely a man feels as he finalizes his divorce, is one of them. One of these was the death of his housekeeper, Sissy, who was a dear friend.

One of the pillars of country music, McEntire sings about how it feels to be the last one to realize a relationship is failing. Wayman Tisdale was a jazz musician and basketball star. He also knew Toby Keith. When Wayman died, Keith dealt with his emotions by writing a song.

Art is meant to help you process feelings. Whether you like pop, rap, or prefer a blend of all genres, the songs above are a great start to your personalized soundtrack.

Dancing on your own: the best sad-bangers and songs about loneliness

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We've got you covered with this checklist. : Songs about death.