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Do you remember the first time you were sexually excited by an image on a screen?

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In terms of classification, it's difficult separating the "romantic movie" from the "sex movie. And so those movies are movies about sex crimes.

The movie and the depicted act reveals something about us Great sex movie, and though it can sometimes be ineffable, we know it when we feel it. Here, in no particular order, are the best sex movies—the best movies about sex—ever.

Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights is maybe the ultimate "sex movie. This is sex truly seeping into art and making everyone ask: but is it art? Unlike PTA's above classic, the pie hasn't aged all too well; like most R-rated sex comedies of the 90s and early aughts, the Great sex movie were all carnal, the lubricant alcohol, and the manner of consent, well, sometimes a little fuzzy. Still, American Pie made a big impact on the genre and, ripe or rotten, is still one of the most iconic films on this list.

Stanley Kubrick's final film is also his most erotic and sensual. Kubrick originally got the rights for the story based on Austrian novel in the s. We doubt the film could have taken the same form back then, but we're happy Kubrick got the chance to make it.

He died shortly after filming. Had Kubrick directed Eyes Wide Shut in the '60s, it might have been the more toned down though still erotic for its time Belle de Joura film about a French woman who, unable to be intimate with her husband, decides to become a high class prostitute.

The film unpacks all kind of sexual fantasy, which would have likely been censored in most countries only a decade or so earlier. An erotic psychological drama, which critics still considered to be basically smutthe film stuns in all the right artistic ways. Critics be damned.

While the film is often remembered for its nude scenes that made a sex symbol of Sharon Stone, the film is also just a straight up great crime thriller. R-rated sex movie or not, Basic Instinct works on several other genre levels. Some critics are still unsure whether or not American Beauty also passes the two-decades-plus smell test. With the real-life sexual assault allegations against film star Kevin Spaceymany will likely have a Great sex movie time watching him in a role in which he lusts after a teenager.

But the film is an artful seriocomedy that captures '90s suburban ennui. Spacey aside, the screenplay is still great.

We're gonna go out and say it: Steve McQueen's exploration of sex addiction is maybe the best film on this list. It captures, in its incredibly lean run time, everything related to its titular emotion, and it features knockout performances by le Michael Fassbender and Carrey Mulligan, all set to an arresting soundtrack. Never will you feel more alone than when watching this movie. We recommend you watch by yourself.

Looking for more great movies?

Based on the novel of the same nameThe Piano Teacher tells of a woman who enters into a sadomasochistic relationship with her piano student. While the storyline might sound a bit It's the psychosocial erotic movie done right. Alain Guiraudie's Stranger by the Lake features a nude beach, sexual passion, a drowning, and more passion.

Great sex movie with Basic Instinct it works just as well as a thriller—with, at its rapidly beating heart, a lot of artful sex. Guiraudie took home the director's award at Cannes for this gem. While the film features sexual violence, which would very much make it not a "best sex Great sex movie the focus on the two protagonist's sexual union remains cinematically unparalleled; it caused the kind of uproar to solidify the film's place in the history of sex in cinema. In many ways, it made many other films on this list possible. Prudish controversy apparently never goes away.

Adbellatif Kechiche's film was controversial for many reasonsincluding a very explicit sex scene between the two lead characters. But for a coming of age film about discovered sexuality, what do you expect? Unlike Call Me By Your Namewhich tends to put a blanket over actual sexual contact, Blue Is the Warmest Color goes there and nests the scene in an epic of a bildungsroman.

It's not smut; it's goddamn art. From explicit sexual contact to the heart-aching anticipation of sexual contact: Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love part of an incredible love trilogy, including Days of Being Wild and finds two neighbors drawn closer and closer in to one another. The cinematography will make you fall in love and then step on your heart.

Sex, here, is the rite of passage, though not in the way its lead protagonists first assumed. But the film is way more than a sex road trip movie; it's a masterfully-told coming of age film that has aged like fine wine.

While the chemistry isn't always clearly developed the fault of the medium and the film's final speech wraps things up a bit too didactically, the Great sex movie is still a success. Director Luca Guadagnino has only gotten better since. The film features unsimulated sex between actors more on that below. The film was, nevertheless, censored upon release. Now, it's seen as one of the most artfully provocative and taboo-shattering movies ever made. If American Beauty is the suburban ennui meditation that has grown a bit of mold, Paolo Sorentino's La Grande Belezza The Great Beauty is the urban ennui meditation sure to age like the best of Italian wine.

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A Roman socialite, coasting through the city's high life—parties, dinners, women—undergoes crisis. And then everything gets very sad and then very beautiful. It's one of those films you just have to block off a night Great sex movie watch with a bottle of red.

Strella is a love story between a recently-released prisoner and a transgender woman with whom he shares a night just after release. The film was controversial in director Panos H. Koutras's home country of Greece, but that controversy is all bollocks. The film is simply a real, visceral statement about family and love.

Blue is the Warmest Color was incidentally "shocking," but Love was practically deed to shock. Featuring unsimulated sex between the actors, the film will exist always on the argumentative boundary between gimmick and sincere intention, smut and art. Besides, he's not interested in your puritanic judgements, anyway. Like Water for Chocolate is unlike anything you've probably seen.

Best sex scenes

It's a romantic drama nested in magical realism with themes of gender, sexuality, and family tradition. Also food. Lots of sensuous food. Films about sex are often, at their roots, films about desire, and, more often than not, a desire in conflict with something—tradition, the self, another desire. In The Graduatethe conflicting desire—here for a mother and daughter—is played off as a comedy. But it's one that still pulls at the heart and kicks you in the stomach. One of the best sex movies of all time. Cruel Intentions exists in that American Pie era Great sex movie sex films this one obviously more dramaticwhich, let's be real, we're not gonna bend over backwards to justify.

Nevertheless, it's an aggressively seductive film, and it does not care what you think. Adrian Lyne's Unfaithful could also make this list, but we're going to focus on his Fatal Attractionwhich turns a steamy one night stand into something much less sexy. Sex has consequences and nowhere is that felt more than here. Director Ang Lee simply knocks it out of the park with this one. What's there to say and praise about Brokeback Mountain that hasn't already been said and praised already? Maybe just Great sex movie reminder that it lost to Crash at the Academy Awards.

Now there's an unsexy film.

We'll end this list in South Korea, whose cinema is finally starting to explode in America. Chan-wook Park Oldboyanother movie about sex, if not, a little more uncomfortable sex spins a Victorian tale into the present, adds a dash of Hitchcockian suspense, and a lot of erotic tension. Absolutely fantastic. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Les Films Du Worso.

Boogie Nights New Line Cinema. American Pie Eyes Wide Shut Warner Bros. Belle de Jour Allied Artists Pictures. Basic Instinct American Beauty Dreamworks Pictures. Shame Fox Searchlight Pictures. La Pianiste Stranger by the Lake Last Tango in Paris Blue Is the Warmest Color