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W ell locate. A nice icsidence on the hill near i he Tonth church. Price Reasonabe. Satisfactory work; reasonable v. Dentistry DR. Bridge-work, Crown Inlaya and Fllllnga.

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Pi a tea that give eat Itf action. In a good, -well trallt up neighborhood, at corner Chicago and Balrd St. This Is much less than iota in this neighborhood bava actually been aold for, and I recommend them as a profit" nble investment or as a desirable building site. XV, C. WaJaat St. He scrutinized three or four for more than a minute. She was studying GrlswtMd'a whitening Anger steady enough, but deadly white.

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It wu a peculiarity of the man that he turned pale only In his hands. Mletdoner smiled In a way that said there were jewelers of bo small Importance In commercial circles who would be glad to answer a summons from her at any hour that it was not In vain she was knows, to dealers, as one of the meat liberal collectors In the world.

She turned to rosewood desk and took up a telephone. Ranscome, please.

This is Mrs. Missioner, Mr. Yes, I am at home. Can yon come up for a few minutes T Thank yen," and as she returned the receiver to the hook, she explained: "HanscoBi Is the oldest expert la New York. Missioner, "but maybe we'd better wait for Mr.

Yon see," and there was perplexity in the glance that swept the group, "this Is as ordinary theft" "Not a burglary, you think? He had lighted his cigarette, and, leasing back la a cozy corner of the inglenook, was smoking with little abrupt puffs that contrasted with the ease of his position. He studied the widow covertly through weaving wreaths, "If a burglar could reach this room, I must reorganize my household," she murmured.

She was gazing Into the Green Bay taking a lookgenuine gentleman. Her shoulders drooped, and Sands, noticing her weariness, switched off the lights. The rainbow sparkle of the Jewel trays Varied fantastically the pattern of the rug on which they lay, but the background of dusk rested her. Little Miss March glanced at him admiringly. Swift or slow of wit, the man of acttem appeals. Sands is right, Mrs. Missioner," she said softly. All this is more than passing. There was eloquence in those rare smiles of his, much mere than in his speech. Not without cause did Wall Street know him as "Silent" Sands.

Ranacome, madam.

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Missioner from a carven face. The carven features blurred into the background. A round little man with the face of a dreamer and the eyes of a student entered, almost on his toes. Missioner greeted him pleasantly, and as she pressed the button that filled ; the room with light again, she presented him to her friends.

Ranscome," she added, "is an expert of experts. We also have something new for floor covering or borders for rugs, real reproduction of hardwood flooring, ready varnished to cover your floors, at 22c and 32c per yard.

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Look for them in our window display. Wc give trading stamps with every purchase of 10c or over. Ask for theni. During her recital Bans-come'a glance caressed the gema in the scattered trays, and it wae by a visible effort that he wrested his eyea from them to look at. The little maa seemed not to hear her "Did you eay, madam, the Maharanee diamond r "Yes," she answered, and waves of pain rippled across her face. Baaaoomel" "The Maharanee I" he murmured Green Bay taking a lookgenuine gentleman, rather, groaned in an undertone. Gene," did you say? Absolutely gone not a trace of itf With the flat e his hand, ho spresd the smaller stones on the table, stroking their gloss with sensitive fingers.

He held three' or four to the light, then, with a disdainful gesture, smeared the glistening pile broadcast across the board. Missioner," the expert said, as If waking from a dream, "are the most beautiful Imitations I have ever seen.

Sands reached for the telephone again. A Searching Examination. When the millionaire stopped talking over the telephone, he turned to the widow with aa air of finality. This la no time for Sher locking. There'll be a couple of detectives here in half aa hour. Mlssioser looked at him admiringly. But her eyes turned to Qriswold with a light it would have taken a woman to read, a woman more experienced than little Dorothy March.

Ranscome, Ignoring the counterfeits, stood in absorbed study of the jewel trays' kaleidoscopic contents. That : peculiar pallor returned to Qriawold's hands. With fingers that bent and straightened ceaselessly, he drummed his fist "The robbery is the more Incomprehensible,' said Mrs. Missioner thoughtfully, "because of the extraordinary precautions I have taken against burglars.

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I cannot understand how the thief got to the necklace," "Your safe seems strong enough," ' Ranscome ventured. Stopping around the trays, he passed his hand over the outer door and looked at the i twenty-tour steel bolts curiously. It differs only in size and In the absence of a time lock. Sands walked over to him and, thrusting both hands in his pockets, stood gazing at the bolts.

Qriswold, smoking quietly in the Ingle-nook, mustered a show of Interest la the safe from time to time, but always his glaaoe returned to the glittering trays. She drew off her gloves decisively and, rising as if from folds of conjecture, rang for Blodgett "I think " she said, then stopped with her hand on.

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Dorothy's shoulder. Inquiry reached toward her from four pairs of eyes. The hostess and her guests, the footman having been bidden to show the po-llcemea In, heard heavy breathing outside the door, where Donnelly and Carson, of the Central Office, were gripped in a panicky pause.

Next moment, a large man with a small head, and another so aggressively average as to be a nondescript, came to. Donnelly, the big man, turned out his toes as he walked. A charm the size and shape of a double eagle, bearing a Bacchante whose pose would hats been Indecorous if it had not been impossible, swung from his equatorial waist line.

One could tell at a glance he used perfume. One could tell nothing in many glances about Carson, There was nothing to tell. Missioner," said Donnelly, addressing Miss March, "to find your diamonds,".

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Woa't rou be seated? Donnelly, as it, having announced the action, he had done his share, stood still.

Dorothy and Qriswold exchanged glances. Sands stared stolidly at the sleuths, Mrs. Missioner, with a permissive inclination of her head, began chatting with Ranscome. Even as he spoke with her, the veteran expert could not drag his eyes from the jewels. Guaranteed Layed For sharpening tools, knives, etc, in our store, for this week only Steel Nlckle Plated Shears, for this In the shop, or In the house, or oaweek only the farm.

The No. Missioner replied, resuming her talk with Ranscome. Beth Detectives Began an Examination of the Door.

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Think a moment Have to suspect before you convict, you know. Never heard huh!