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Pyrrhura molinae Green-cheeked conures can be outgoing and comical, but they can also be a little shyer than other conures.

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This type of parrot is generally called a conure in aviculture. T he Green-cheeked conure is a favorite among bird novices because of its small stature, temperament, and relatively low noise level, at least compared to its larger cousins.

The green-cheeked conure is a little clown, always full of antics.

These birds love to hang upside-down and clamor along the cage bars, waiting for their owners to play with them. Green cheeks are mischief-makers, so keep an eye on your bird at all times. Conures are mono-morphic which means that it is very hard to visually determine their sex. Green-cheeked conures have been known to talk, and some are able to learn quite a few words, but they are generally not prized for their talking abilities.

Size: About 10". Sexing: Monomorphic visually hard to determine sex. Temperament: Green-cheeked Conures are affectionate and not known to be nippy.

Because Green-cheeked Conures are highly affectionate and love their owners intensely, they need an owner that is able to give them a great deal of time out of the cage. With the proper care, attention and love, a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure will become your best friend for life. DNA Testing. DNA testing may add an additional plus weeks to estimated delivery time to allow for gender. Shipping and Safety Travel Boxes. The Finch Farm Testimonials.

for more FAQs. My bird has adjusted beautifully.

Conure - pineapple green-cheeked

Finch Farm as always was a pleasure to do business with. They were prompt and very professional.

Thankyou, Judy. It took a while to get Mango, my new pet conure, but they knew what they were doing. He arrived healthy and lively. He only took 1 day to destress. The morning after he arrived I was changing out water and he climbed onto my arm and came out of the cage and played with me. That is remarkable considering he was in a box for 2 days.

That proved to me that The Finch Farm raised him strong and made sure he was ready to travel. I call him a he for now. I will have him tested on his first vet visit. Great job!! Thank you!!! I ordered a baby conure from The Finch Farm ,and they told me the bird was ready June of I wanted the bird to be shipped on American Airlines and they made all the arrangements to ship Friday the 21st of June. A picture of the little pineapple conure was taken Green cheek conure birds sale the shipping box and e- mailed to me. On Saturday the 22nd of June I picked the bird up at the airport.

The shipping box was the greatest thing I had ever seen. Made out of wood with handles and I saw the little guy looking out at me with these big eyes. At home I put the bird in the cage, talked to it, and it was not afraid when I touched its body, face or head. Pineapple conures are very pretty little birds and I understand they are a lot of fun to play. They bond really quickly. I really love this little guy. If you are thinking about a bird check out The Finch Farm. I have purchased 4 Green cheek conure birds sale from them.

I love this bird very healthy wants to be with us all the time we take him on Vacation and he does very well. When I took them out of the shipping box they started exploring everything in there cage with lots of interest.

They hardly make any noise. The Finch Farm is a wonderfully place to get good quality birds.

The Finch Farm Co. Warranty: Live Arrival Guarantee: We take great pride in shipping extremely healthy and active birds to our customers. If a bird has perished upon arrival, a Finch Farm Credit for the amount of the perished bird will be provided to you as a coupon code that can be used toward a future purchase. To honor our guarantee, we require notification, in writing, within 24 hours of receipt, along with a picture of the perished bird. Please communicate with us by clicking our grey button.

During such times using antibiotics with their only water source might be considered, however, we recommend good Veterinarian guidance.

Green-cheeked conure

If you have issues or concerns about your birds, please notify us within three hours of receipt of your order. Once your bird s are in your care, we trust that you will care for your bird s in a loving and healthy manner. Be sure to review our Bird Care Instructions to assist in your bird's wellness. Live Animals are not returnable.

Please note our pet bird offerings are ready to be domesticated by you, and have been ly weaned but not necessarily hand fed. The time it takes to tame your bird is dependent upon the amount of time you spend to create a strong bond of trust with your new bird.

Every bird is different. We trust you will research your bird s regarding how best to bond with them, and their ability to be trained, as this will vary depending upon the bird species. Claims will be honored within your 24 hour window of live guarantee. Thank you, The Finch Farm Team Our company goal is to provide excellent birds, products and customer service to help enhance your avian experience.

Live animals are often challenging to source.

Green cheeked conure

Finding the best avian pet is our focus and includes our internal farming efforts, as well as our external partner network. As such, our team would be grateful that once you have placed your live bird order, you please work with us until your order is received.

Please review our cancellation policy in the Terms of Service. You can count on us for the very best in selection and service. We appreciate being a part of your avian experience as well as assisting you to breed these wonderful creatures. Let us work together to meet their needs, as well as yours, and the company who serves you. We sincerely appreciate your patronage and incredible support! Reviews 5.

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