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When wiring, each wire should be identified by what terminal s it connects to, never by color.

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Thermostats are the ultimate control hubs for HVAC devices such as furnaces and air conditioners. Thermostat wiring is a useful skill to know if you have to replace an old thermostat or just check if something is wrong with the new thermostat. With a little help, you can learn how to install a thermostat on your own. LearnMetrics has deed this guide as that little help. We will cover everything you need to know about thermostat wiring ; including where does each color wire goes.

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Additional articles on Hook up honeywell thermostat heat pump site concerning thermostats and wiring can help you solve your problem or correctly wire a new thermostat. These charts and diagrams only represent the basic system.

It is possible your system is equipped with additional HVAC components such as a humidifier or electronic air cleaner. Depending on the manufacturer and the deer of the components will depend on how the additional components are wired or integrated into your system or thermostat.

The Basic heat pump wiring for a heat pump thermostat is illustrated here. It corresponds to the chart below to explain the thermostat terminal functions. Before uninstalling the old thermostat take a picture of the wiring with your cell phone before removing the wires. This way you have a reference. At the minimum draw a picture of it referencing the wires, wire color, and what terminal the wire is attached to what terminal.

The photo and the drawing reference can be used later to make sure you wire the new thermostat properly. That is for use for heat pumps. Make sure you do not make these same mistakes others make. Air conditioners are different because the reversing valve and defrost controls are unnecessary.

Does your system have two transformers? It is rare but still possible.

If you have a conventional split system air conditioner or heat pump and there is a jumper from RC to RH, then you have a single transformer and do not have to worry about two transformers in your system. If you are having problems getting it to work it is crucial to make sure you have the same connections from the air handler to the thermostat to the condensing unit. Additionally, use our other resources here other articles for thermostat troubleshooting. Resource: The Home Comfort Book: The ultimate guide to creating a comfortable, healthy, long lasting, and efficient home.

Use our handy calculator to see how many BTU's your natural gas appliances are producing:. My problem is now when i turn my cooling system on the outside compressor starts to run then kick off and then back on.

Heat pump thermostat wiring chart diagram – hvac

Sounds like something was wired incorrectly or something recently went wrong. I would call the company that installed the air handler to rechecked everything to ensure it was wired properly. They should give you a one year warranty on all work. You should only have to p[ay if they find something outside of what they worked on is bad. Cool is relative. Take the temperature at the return where the filter is and then take the temperature at one of the supply vents.

There should be a marked increase in temperature from where it goes in to where it comes out. If there is little or no differential then you need to call a pro and have them check it out.

You likely have a problem in that situation. The Insider Heat Pump in the mobile home is about to go out. Paid a friend to replace my 2 air handler and heat pumps.

These were the same units, one upstairs and one downstairs. I replaced them with identical new units from Rheem.

They installed in the early spring and the ac worked great. Now that I have switched to heat the fan for the air handler never shuts off.

The light indicating heat turns off once it reaches temp but the fan still blows and never shuts off…. I noticed from the installation instructions my heat pump has 5 wires coming off of it to connect to air handler and thermostat but they used the existing wiring which only has 4 wires. The fan shuts off normally when using the ac in the summer. You could be right about your assumption with the way it is wired. Run new thermostat wire and wire it the way it is supposed to be wired according to the Rheem diagram.

You should only have to run wire from the thermostat to the air handler to resolve the problem. There are connections from the thermostat to the heat pump condenser so make sure you take that into .

How do i wire my thermostat?

For heat pumps I run thermostat wire which is available here. It would not hurt to trace all the wires from the air handler to the heat pump to make sure that is also wired properly. Did that work because i have the same problem with my rheem heat pump system. I have all of my 5 thermostat wires hooked up in the right spot and my indoor fan continues to run in the heat mode. If so fix that, if not then replace the wire or call a pro to check it out. It could be a bad relay. Thank you for these photos and info.

Solved my heating issue because of you. I have heat! I have installed a outside boiler and i am having to put another thermostat for the boiler. I have a new honeywell thermostat what two wires do i need to use yellow green red or what. Stand alone boiler the colors would be red and white but if you are trying to integrate all three appliances together that would be something a professional technician would have to look at as it would require either special wiring or a special thermostat that will stage up the heat pump, the oil furnace, and the boiler.

Thermostat wiring: how to wire thermostat? (2,3,4,5 wire guide)

There are several factors to be considered such as what is the desired primary heat source that you want and what is the most economical way to control everything among a few other factors. The answer is not cut and dry but it can be a complex set up for what you want to do. It is all here…………….

Great,that would help me out to wiring my heat pumps. I like the posting of the chart and the control panel connections.

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Heat pump thermostat wiring

Heat Pump Thermostat Wiring Tips The above chart will help if you have a question of what color wire goes where? Wiring a thermostat has been deed to be easy. The colors such as Red are for hot and goes to the R terminal.

Same with the other colors and terminals. However, depending on who wired the thermostat last, they may not have followed the wiring color code. Therefore, before removing any of the old wires, take a picture of the wires and where they are terminated on the sub-base of the old thermostat. Use your cell phone to take the photo for later reference. Always make sure you turn the power off before doing any wiring. Forgetting to do this may cause you to blow the transformer or trip a low-voltage breaker.

Or blow a low-voltage fuse.

You can find a comprehensive list for colors, what they, and where they go here — heat pump thermostat wiring colors Your heat may be different than the one described here. See our other helpful HVAC calculators placed throughout the site:. Michael Heaton on May 18, at pm. Russell LaPierre on December 18, at am. Mine is a two stage now what, it runs but blows cool air in heat mode Reply. Genye L. Weaver on December 15, at pm.

Mark on December 6, at pm.

David on January 9, at pm. Kevin on November 22, at pm. Glad we could help!!!