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Bbbw chica picking guy to Hook up live shrimp

If you have ever been saltwater fishing, the chances are good that you have used shrimp as bait before. Shrimp can catch everything from sheepshead off of the pier, to redfish on the flats, to grouper, snapper, and cobia offshore on wrecks.

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Many anglers believe that nothing beats fishing with live bait for coastal inshore species like speckled trout, redfish, and snook.

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And just for fun, to complete the slam I went out to some sandy potholes and threw a Slam Shady for a nice little trout. If you want to see exactly where I was fishing, and why I chose that spot, click the link below Insider Club only. As far as where I was hooking the shrimp, when fishing them under a cork I like to hook them below the base of the horn, while making sure not to go through their brain.

I like using a cork in the shallows because it allows me to drift over the oyster bars and along the mangrove shorelines without getting snagged. Since I had been to this spot once before, I knew that there was bait around plus I had seen lots of sheepshead and snapper.

And finally, since it is a funnel point between two mangrove islands, there is plenty of current. In the first spot where I caught the snook, you can see I cast the shrimp within about a foot or two of the point. Predator fish, like snapper and snook, are hiding out near the mangrove roots waiting for an unsuspecting fish Hook up live shrimp crustacean to swim by.

Now the second tip that allowed me to catch the bigger snapper and sheepshead was presenting my bait Hook up live shrimp. I spotted a point in the cut that I thought would likely have fish holding on it, so I cast upcurrent of the point and let the current naturally take my shrimp through the strike zone. If you want to catch lots of fish, are fishing with beginners or kids, or want some sheepshead and snapper for dinner, throwing out a live shrimp under a bobber or with a split shot is a great idea. The locals where I fish inshore suggested tearing the head and tail off.

I am an amateur. But I love to try.

Stop wasting time on the water!

I also happen to know what a sheepshead, a pompano, and a redfish are. But how do I catch them. And omg was this bit of information helpful. Once it turns red. Makes a lot of sense. Thought videos recommended tearing off the tail and inserting hook so it came up through the top? The tail-off Hook up live shrimp max scent generally works best when soaking a shrimp on the bottom next to hard structure when trying to get as many strikes as possible. The method shown in this video max action in which the shrimp is free to dart around in the water is generally best when drifting under a popping cork off the bottom.

Suggestions for this area?? But love it. The access to those rivers seems pretty far upriver, but shrimp should still work. Luke, do you go with lighter action rods than you typical inshore set-up when targeting snapper and sheepshead?

Size and rigging

Love everything yall do and love all the videos. I have followed yall for a few months now and thinking about purchasing the inside membership. We do get Sheepshead in the kelp beds, along firh Calico bass, etc. Will keep you posted.

Good video Luke. Really like the explanations of set up and techniques. Not just what you are doing but also why. Much appreciated. In December ofthese two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their 6-figure jobs to start their dream focused on helping saltwater anglers:. : fish saltstrong.

How to hook shrimp with a j-hook [video]

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Menu Close. By: Luke Simonds on August 27, Comments me up! I hate fishing. Related :.

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How to hook shrimp (tips from the pros)

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Reply to Randal Jones. Load More Comments. Upgrade To Annual Now. About Salt Strong. In December ofthese two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their 6-figure jobs to start their dream focused on helping saltwater anglers: 1. Catch more fish in less time 2. Create memories that matter through fishing.

How to catch fish with live shrimp in the shallows (spots & rigging tips)

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