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Establishing a rapport with professors is well worth the investment since it can be invaluable throughout your academic and professional career. Beyond providing academic support, professors can advise you on choosing classes, recommending internships, and guiding you in your post-college career. A new semester means opportunities to include more professors in your network so here are five ways to connect with them.

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Site Menu expand. Go to class. Be prepared for class. Bring a notebook, a pen, and other necessary materials. Prepare for work and discussions by reading and preparing for activities.

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But I was in for another rude awakening when I found out the main purpose of this class was for us to de a research project and at the end, write a proposal. Totally makes sense and a very useful thing for me to learn how to do. Reading a surrealist novel in French made more sense to me than deing a research experiment did.

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Did I mention I was a humanities major? What the hell kind of research experiment could I possibly de? It was flattering. It was motivating.

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So I stayed. We corresponded regularly about each benchmark leading up to the final paper, but soon our s grew to sharing concepts and current events related to my project, then to just funny things we found on the internet we thought the other would enjoy. How could you not see the hookup coming?

Yeah, I was closer to Jared than any of the other students were to their TS mentors but I thought it was because we were the only two Humanities people in a science-y class. We just got each other, you know?

Two people sharing funny internet articles does hardly an affair make. Did you guys do it? Did he have a big….

I hooked up with my professor

We hung out outside of class for the first time over the summer at a kitschy bar in an up-and-coming neighborhood. We each had a beer; then we moved on to a swanky cigar bar with a rooftop patio. I had a mojito; he had tequila. He paid. At that point it was nearing 8 or 9 and I needed to drive home in the near future, so we headed over to a nearby restaurant to grab dinner sober up.

How many college students sleep with professors?

Also drunk driving is not my M. Why did I throw in that stellar recommendation? Because eventually our superior deductive reasoning led us to the conclusion that the only way to include turning up, me getting back to house sit, and no DUI charges was to take advantage of the aforementioned open bar at said house.

And not just like, gave me a peck, no. He kissed me; he really kissed me.

How to get along with your college professor

Questions were firing inside my brain like neurons. Wait, oh my god, what is happening? Is this really happening? Shit, what should I do? Should I like pull away, or…? Why the fuck am I letting this go on for so long?

5 ways to connect with professors at the start of a new semester

This was weird. This was definitely weird. How long had he thought I was cute?

Is that why he wanted me to stay in the class so badly, so he could hook up with me? For so long I had thought our dynamic was this cool and unique thing. Now I just felt cheap.

We positioned ourselves on the couch with some strategic distance between us. But at some point in the middle of a second episode of Baggage quality TV programmingwe started making out again. I must have. The whole experience—hooking up with someone who was ten years my senior and oh yeah, also used to be in a position of somewhat authority over me—was new.

This is too weird. So we stopped. We went to bed. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Yeah, that was awkward. I pulled away. An awkward silence stretched out before us.

I hooked up with my professor and it was weird

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