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Story from Take Back The Beach. Sara Coughlin.

Like any other social issue, body image is not the same around the world — and it certainly isn't discussed in the same terms, either. When photographer Yagazie Emezi visited the beaches of Liberia and spoke with local women, it quickly became clear to her that body positivity wasn't the first thing on their minds.

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Although Liberian women certainly think about their bodies, there are usually more pressing issues to talk about, Emezi tells Refinery She adds that the cultural emphasis is placed more on how women dress than their actual bodies though the idea that there's an ideal body type definitely persists, too. Individuals can look at themselves and want to change things.

But it's just approached and talked about differently.

Emezi says that speaking with these women showed her just how differently people around the world talk about bodies. Ahead, meet the women she spoke with and see how they view body image and body talk.

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Interviews have been edited for length and clarity. It's your body.

It's your summer. Enjoy them both.

Check out more TakeBackTheBeach here. From July 21—31, T. After bleeding heavily for 30 consecutive days, following a year battle with fibroids, Rose Marie Johnson found herself in the emergency room and was ho. I grew up with Britney Spears. People tend to dole out a lot of unsolicited advice to pregnant people, and sometimes it can be hard to cut through the noise in order to make the right de.

About one full year into quarantine my body had reached its final WFH straw. I woke up one morning, after a particularly restless night of sleep, with pain.

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Content warning: This article discusses eating disorders and dieting in a way that some may find triggering. Nichola is a year-old learning deer who.