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Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. C, November 28, 19H. Sir : I have the honor to submit herewith a report upon the present condition of the United States National Museum and upon the work accomplished in its various departments during the fiscal year ending June 30, Charles D.

National Museum.

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The Congress of the United States in the act of August 10,founding the Smithsonian Institution recognized that an opportunity was afforded, in carrying out the large-minded de of Smithson, to provide for the custody of the museum of the Nation. To this new establishment was therefore intrusted the care of the national collections, a course that time has fully justified. In the beginning the cost of maintaining the museum side of the Institution's work was wholly paid from the Smithsonian income; then for a time the Government bore a share, and during the past 39 years Congress has voted the entire funds Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 the expenses of the museum, thus furthering one of the primary means " for the increase and diffusion of Imowledge among men " without encroaching upon the resources of the Institution.

The museum idea was inherent in the establishment of the Smith- sonian Institution, which in its turn was based upon a 10 years' dis- cussion in Congress and the advice of the most distinguished scien- tific men, educators, and intellectual leaders of the Nation of 70 years ago. It is interesting to note how broad and comprehensive were the views which actuated our lawmakers in determining the scope of the Museum, a fact especially remarkable when it is recalled that at that date no museum of considerable size existed in the United States, and the museums of England and of the continent of Europe were still to a large extent without a developed plan, although containing many rich collections.

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The Congress which passed the act of foundation enumerated as within Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 scope of the Museum " all objects of art and of foreign and curious research and all objects of natural history, plants, and geological and mineralogical specimens belonging to the United States," thus stamping the Museum at the very outset as one of the widest range and Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 the same time as the Museum of the United States.

It was also fully appreciated that additions would be neces- sary to the collections then in existence, and provision was made for their increase by the exchange of duplicate specimens, by donations, and by other means. If the wisdom of Congress in so fully providing for a museum in the Smithsonian law challenges attention, the interpretation put upon this law by the Board of Regents within less than six months from the passage of the act can not but command admiration.

In the early part of September,the Regents took steps toward formu- lating a plan of operations. The report of the committee appointed for this purpose, submitted in December and January following, shows a thorough consideration of the subject in both the spirit and letter of the law. This would supply oppor- tunity to examine samples of the best manufactured articles our country affords, and to judge her gradual progress in arts and man- ufactures. Your committee also think that, as the collection of paintings and sculpture will probably accumulate slowly, the room destined for a gallery of art might properly and usefully meanwhile be occupied during the sessions of Congress as an exhibition room for the works of artists generally; and the extent and general usefulness of such an exhibition might probably be increased if an arrangement could be effected with the Academy of De, the Arts Union, the Artists' Fund Society, and other associations of similar character, so as to concentrate at the metropolis for a certain portion of each winter the best of talent in the fine arts.

Congress having left no discretion in the matter; 2 that ethnology and anthropology, though not specially named, were yet as important subjects as natural history; 3 that the history of the progress of useful inventions and the collection of the raw materials and prod- ucts of the manufactures and arts should also be provided for; 4 for the gallery of art the committee had models in existence, and they proposed, pending the gathering of art collections, which would of necessity be slow, to provide for loan exhibitions by cooperating with art academies and societies.

In the resolutions which were Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 upon the presentation of the report, a museum was mentioned as " one of the principal modes of executing the act and trust. Smithsou, as expressed in his will, that one of the principal modes of executing the act and the trust is the accumulation of collections of specimens and objects of natural history and of elegant art, and the gradual formation of a library of valuable works pertaining to all departments of human knowledge, to the end that a copious storehouse of materials of science, literature, and art may be provided which shall excite and diffuse the love of learning among men, and shall assist the original investigations and efforts of those who may devote themselves to the pursuit of any branch of knowledge.

The development of the Museum has been greatest in those sub- jects which the conditions of the past 64 years have made most fruit- ful — the natural history, geology, ethnology, and archeology of the United States, supplemented by many collections from other coun- tries. The opportunities for acquisition in these directions have been mainly brought about through the activities of the scientific and economic surveys of the Government, many of which are the direct outgrowths of earlier explorations, stimulated or directed by the Smithsonian Institution.

The Centennial Exhibition of af- forded the first opportimity for establishing a department of the industrial arts on a creditable basis, and of this the fullest advantage was taken, though only a part of the collections then obtained could be accommodated in the space available.

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The department or gallery of the fine arts had made little progress, though not from lack of desire or appreciation, until within the past eight years, during which its interests have been markedly advanced. With the completion of the new large granite structure on the Mall, the Museimi has come virtually into possession of a group of three buildings, in which there is opportunity for a proper sys- tematic arrangement of its vast and varied collections as well as a comprehensive public installation, and under these favorable con- ditions it may be considered to have entered upon an era of re- newed prosperity and usefulness.

Judged by this standard, the National Museum Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 claim to have reached a high state of efficiency. From an educa- tional point of view it is of great value to those persons who are so fortunate as to reside in Washington or who are able to visit the Nation's capital.

In its well-deed cases, in which every detail of structure, appointment, and color is considered, a selection of representative objects is placed on view to the public, all being care- fully labeled individually and in groups. The child as well as the adult has been provided for, and the kindergarten pupil and the high-school scholar can be seen here, supplementing their class-room games or studies. Nor has the elementary or even the higher education been by any means the sole gainer from the work of the Museum.

To advance knowledge, to gradually extend the boundaries of learning, has been one of the great tasks to which the Museum, in consonance with the spi»it of the Institution, has set itself from the first. Its staff, though chiefly engaged in the duties incident to the care, classifica- tion, and labeling of collections in order that they may be accessible to the public and to students, has j'et in these operations made im- portant discoveries in every department of the Museum's activities, which have in turn been communicated to other scholars through its numerous publications.

But the collections have not been held for the study of the staff nor for the scientific advancement of those belonging to the establishment. Most freely have they been put at the disposal of investigators connected with other institutions, and, in fact, without such help the record of scientific progress based upon the material in the Museum would have been greatly curtailed. When it is possible to so arrange, the investigator comes to Wash- ington; otherwise such collections as he needs are sent to him, whether he resides in this country or abroad.

In this manner prac- tically every prominent specialist throughout the world interested in the subjects here well represented has had some use of the collec- tions, and thereby the National Museum has come to be recognized as a conspicuous factor in the advancement of knowledge wherever civilization has a foothold.

From until the collections of the National Museum had only the Smithsonian building as their depository, and in this struc- ture they increased so greatly that all of the available space became filled far beyond its capacity. In the Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 last named the ading brick building was completed and made available for the overflow and for the many large donations received at the Philadelphia Ex- hibition of The growth of the collections continued rapidly, however, and in not many years this additional space was also more than occupied, becoming, in fact, so overcrowded that an orderly arrangement ceased to be possible, and the exhibits of natural history, of anthropology, of the arts and industries and of the fine arts were more or less Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016, unsystematically and with little regard to relationship.

The large granite building finished inor 30 years later, brought the relief so much desired and permitted an organization which had long been looked forward to. This latest building was planned and erected with special reference to the needs of anthropology, biology and geology, composing what is known as the natural history branch of the Museum. It is not to be understood, however, that the arts and industries have remained unrepresented, as several of the branches established in have been continuously maintained, though under very un- satisfactory conditions, and they will require revision and amplifica- tion as well as a strengthening of the expert staff.

The object of these collections and of the work that will be put upon them is both cultural and practical, and, as in the more progressive of the countries of the Old World, they are in large part deed to furnish very material aid toward the promotion and bet- terment of art and industrial pursuits in the United States.

For its public exhibitions the department has been allotted the entire floor and gallery space in the older Museum building and the three lower halls in the Smithsonian building.

The latter will be used by the division of graphic arts, but owing to extensive repairs and alterations under way the installation of the materials of this division has necessarily been deferred and an of them must be left for a future report. In this connection, therefore, attention can be directed only to the conditions in the Museum building and to the work there in progress. Before so doing, however, it Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 impor- tant to explain that ample as may seem the accommodations for ex- pansion afforded by these two buildings the time is near when, in the ordinary course of events, these facilities will be entirely exhausted.

But the extraordinary must also be looked for, and as instances may be cited the tender, since the close of the year, of a collection of extreme historical importance, valued at many thousands of dollars, which alone would fill one of the large halls, and there is also another collection consisting mainly of works of art of at least the same extent and of even greater value, bequeathed to the Museum, for which there will be no suitable place in either building.

These con- ditions operate to the disadvantage of the Museum in two directions in respect to the arts and industries.

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Great gifts can not be solicited with the laiowledge that no place exists for their accommodation, while, on the other hand, would-be benefactors are deterred from making presents for the same reason. The public has fully awakened to the possibilities of its Museum, and to the benefits which it might, and to a large extent already does, confer, and it is solely in the interest of the public welfare that the Museum seeks to increase its opportunities for doing good.

A detailed of the older Museum building was published in the annual report for Its principal features with Housewives wants sex Chester SouthDakota 57016 reference to the interior are briefly as follows: The main part of the building is square, measuring feet long on each side, and con- sists of a single story, varying greatly in height in its different sec- tions. Architecturally the building, which is of brick, consists of a central rotunda from which four naves extend in the direction of the four main points of the compass, in the form of a Greek cross.

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After the rotunda the naves have the greatest height, the courts coming next and the ranges last, in this respect. The ranges are lighted by large windows in the outer walls, as are also the outer ends of the naves. The naves otherwise and the rotunda and courts entirely receive their light from an abundance of clerestory windows. The illumination is therefore excellent, except for some interference on the floors through the introduction of galleries subsequent to the original construction.

This building stands southeast of the Smithsonian building, from which it is separated by an interspace of only about 50 feet, and its front or north face is about on the same line as the south face of the other.

It covers a total ground area of 97, square feet, or about 21 acres.

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The towers and pavilions, which are three stories high and used for laboratories and offices, furnish 40, square feet of floor space; while the rotunda, naves, ranges, and courts, with such galleries as they contain, supplysquare feet, or a little more than 2J acres, of space adapted to exhibition purposes. The towers were arranged so that each might furnish an entrance into the building, but only two have been so utilized — the north tower for the public and the east tower for official purposes. The several subdivisions of the interior of the main part of the building are marked by rows of large brick piers, having a structural purpose in that they help to support the roofs, separated by wide openings terminating above in arched he.

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As constructed, there- fore, this interior was of the nature of a single room of exceptionally large dimensions. Exhibition cases placed between the piers have helped to fill in the interspaces, but with the object of securing better fire protection a large of the openings have been built in with appropriate wall material, and this work is being further ad- vanced from time to time.

The plan of the building is shown in the accompanying diagram, on which the subdivisions are deated in accordance with cus- tomary usage. The naves are called halls, but otherwise the archi- tectural names are retained. The diameter of the rotunda corresponds approximately with this width.

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The northern and southern ranges are somewhat longer than the eastern and western, owing to interior extensions from the pavilions on the east and west sides of the building. The former measure about 89 feet 4 inches long and the latter about 63 feet 2 inches, the width of all averaging about 49 feet 9 inches. The courts average 63 feet square.