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Have you ever found yourself wondering, does he love me?

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Breakups are hard to handle, especially when there are still feelings involved! Do you also want to get back together? Do you want to continue being apart? Learning to recognize the s that your ex still has feelings for you will help you to get a clear picture of the situation. Intuition is a powerful thing, so when you start thinking that your ex still loves you something is probably up. I had written an article on s an ex is over you but today I wanted to approach the subject with all the s that your ex is absolutely NOT over you!

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The short answer is, he probably does. Every situation is different because every couple is different. If you want to get back together, he needs to still love you. If the love is still there and both people are willing to try to make the necessary changes in order for the relationship to work, then you stand a real chance. Before trying to uncover if he still loves you and wants you back, ask yourself: do you want him back? Do you still love him? You broke up for a reason, probably many reasons. What has changed?

1. he is absent more frequently then usual.

You need to be realistic and objective. You need to be fundamentally compatible and capable of working together to fix whatever was broken, and you both have to want it. You have to take time after the breakup before you make any major moves—I suggest a period of no contact for at least 30 days.

Take this time to focus on yourself and what you want. Make sure to read this article for everything you need to know about the no contact rule. This means not going to his favorite coffee shop or to parties you think he might be at. If he was truly done, he would just be done. Strong emotions can show themselves in different ways. Does he exhibit extreme elation when he runs into you? Or extreme sadness because he misses you? He may post things online, like photos of himself with other girls, or photos of him having a blast with his buddies.

If you were a confidante, someone he trusted and shared everything with, he probably wants to continue to share, even if indirectly. If he looks back on your relationship positively, always bringing up the good times and the happy memories, chances are the positives outweigh the negatives for him and he still loves you.

How will you know this is the case?

He always happens to be where you are. Suddenly he goes to the gym the same nights as you, when he used to work out in the mornings.

Is he at your local grocery store even though he never used to shop there? Rebounding is a classic way to numb the pain.

If his time is filled with someone new, he can stop himself from thinking of you. Either way, this kind of behavior stems from feelings he still has for you. Maybe this is something he needs to work through. Maybe he needs to do this to see what he lost. Or maybe seeing him act this way has eroded your feelings for him to the point that you no longer want to work things out, which would be totally normal. This can be for any of reasons. Only you can know—is he typically disrespectful of your needs or wishes?

You need to look at the whole picture.

22 undeniable s he loves you (and 14 s he doesn’t)

The no contact period is a good way to see where he stands. Or best of all—if he gives you the 30 days you asked for and calls you on the 31st day, he still loves you and he respects you, win win!

Even the strongest will can sometimes be brought down after a few too many tequila shots. If he drunk dials you, he probably still has feelings for you. Did he drink too much when you were with him? This is not a healthy way to deal with emotions, and you need to consider this. Does he find any excuse to contact you? Maybe he asks questions he could ask anyone or sends you random articles or memes or songs you need to download.

This means he want to share his experiences and thoughts with you the way he did before. Does he want to tell you things, like when he gets good news or bad?

Reaching out to you is the opposite of indifference. He might still not be ready, but at the same time, he still cares about you and wants you in his life. He can love you and still not want to give you what you need, so just keep that in mind. Actively following you means he continues to like and comment on your posts. Does he watch all your stories on Instagram and Snapchat? Is he the first to comment when you post, or maybe he messages you about the things you post? Of course, there are exceptions to this.

But in general, staying in touch with your friends and family is a that he wants to stay in your life and he still loves you. Does he seem drawn to you? Maybe he puts his hand on your shoulder or lower back, or he gives your hand a gentle squeeze. Keep in mind it will not be in an inappropriate way, it will affectionate and caring. This is not the same as him making sexual advances, which is an entirely different thing.

If he was over you, his body language would be stiff and uninviting. A man just trying to get you into bed is not a man who cares about you. If he wants to go back and talk about what went wrong … if he wants to rehash everything … if he wants to hear your point of view and try to get you to understand his, then this is a huge he wants you back.

Women may sometimes try to have this kind of conversation for closure, or to make themselves heard, or even to have the last word, but most men will just move along when something is over. The only reason a man will try to talk about the relationship is because he wants a relationship. He still trusts you and opens up to you and seeks you out.

But it is a that he still has feelings for you. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship, and if How do you know he still loves you still trusts you enough to open up to you, you have something to build on. And the most obvious of all—he comes right out and tells you he still loves you and wants you back. This is obviously ideal. This might not happen immediately. He may need some time to work through what happened between you, but eventually, it will come out. He may still love you, but not be willing to give you what you need. Or he may still love you but not be the guy for you because of incompatibilities you can do nothing about.

Does he still love me?

But love, trust, and respect are good places to start. Only you can know if they should be. I hope this article showed you what to look for to determine if he still loves you. Do you know what to do to inspire him to come back and commit to you for good? Do you know the best way to get your ex back and make it work this time around? Use This to Get Him Back I love writing relatable, insightful articles that help people understand relationship dynamics and how to get the love they want. I have a degree in psychology and have spent the last 10 years interviewing countless men and reading and studying as much as I can to better understand human psychology and how men operate.

If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

Does he love me? does he really love me?

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