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I'd like hunting for somebody How do you know when god has sent your mate like striping

And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

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This post may contain affiliate links; please check out my disclosure policy here. Many people date without ever mentioning their beliefs. But, to know if God indeed sent this man, you must first share the same faith and not only that, but he must be able to live out the Bible in his daily actions.

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Is God preparing you for marriage? We certainly cannot always know the will of God for our futures, but often times God prepares us for a calling before he allows us to walk in that calling.

If you are bitter and shut down towards marriage, God will not override your feelings and force you to get married anyways. Rather, if God actually does want you to get married one day, the first thing he will do is soften your heart towards marriage and develop a biblical longing for marriage in your heart. Many people want to be married, but that is not always a that God is preparing them for marriage because sometimes these desires can be unbiblical.

If you have an unbiblical motive for marriage that is rooted in idolatry or infatuation, God will prepare your heart for marriage by helping you repent of the false motives for marriage so you can choose biblical motives instead. In short, if you formally did not have a desire for marriage or if your desire was sinful, but then God starts softening your heart and purifying your desire for marriage, this could be a that God is actually preparing you for a Christian marriage.

God always equips those he calls.

If you are not equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish a certain task, God is not calling you to fulfill that task at this point in your life. If God calls you to do something he will equip you to accomplish that call.

God is intimately involved in our lives

For example, if a man was wondering if God is calling him to be an elder in the church, that call would be confirmed by the man being equipped to fulfill the role of an elder as described in 1 Timothy So if the man loved money, could not teach the word of God, and was struggling with drunkenness, all of which would disqualify him for eldership according to 1 Timothy 3, it would be clear that God is not calling him to be an elder at this point in life.

However, if over the months and years God starts maturing this man so he could fulfill the role of an elder, this could be a that God is preparing him for a call in the future.

If the man overcomes his drunkenness, if he becomes a good Bible teacher, and he grows to possess the other biblical requirements for eldership, again, this could be a that God is calling the man to be an elder.

This same idea can be seen in those God is preparing for marriage. If at one point in life you were not prepared to fulfill your role as a biblical husband or wife, but then God starts maturing you so you are able to fulfill this role, then this could be a that God is preparing you for marriage.

Sometimes we have a desire for marriage before we are equipped to be married. If you are petrified to talk to the opposite sex, if you scare every girl away because you come on way too strong and too soon, or if you have an overly idealistic view of relationships that will sabotage you once you actually get into a relationship that has challenges like all real relationships do — then you do not possess the practical tools needed in most cases to meet the one God has for you.

Yes, God is in control but his sovereign will works through practical means, including in the dating process. So one that God is preparing you for marriage is if he is training you to develop the needed relationship skills.

Perhaps you go on a date and it goes terrible. But through that bad experience you learn how to interact with the opposite sex.

17 s he’s the one sent by god for you

Perhaps you go on another date and you thought it went great but then he never calls you again. But through that experience God is teaching you how to have realistic relationship expectations. If you start learning valuable relationship lessons and God starts teaching you practical tools that will help you in Christian dating, this could be a that God is preparing you for marriage.

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