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Elite lady How to ask a girl for a relationship boy for chatting

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Are you currently friends with someone now and thinking about asking her to be your girlfriend? How long should you wait before asking her out? How long should you wait to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? If you spend a lot of time with a girl so you get to know her wellanywhere from 2 to 4 months is a reasonable amount of time to ask her to be your girlfriend.

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Having found your life partner in your girlfriend is one of the most amazing feeling that you would ever have. Once you begin to feel that she is the one with whom you do not mind spending your entire life with, it is inevitable that certain questions would pop up in your mind immediately. There are many factors and dimensions that need to be addressed before moving in with your potential life partner and in order to get an informative and genuine insight, you would need to ask her multiple questions. This article is an attempt to share some of the most essential questions that you should ask her to know her inside out and to make the most beautiful and crucial decision of your life.

This question would essentially help you to know her better.

10 questions to ask a girl you are in love with

This is, in a way, very idealistic question — a question that would help you in determining what kind of personality does your girlfriend entails. Moreover, it would assist you in comparing your own ideals of a perfect life with hers and you shall be hopefully able to decide whether this is the woman with whom you can envisage your entire life.

Well, this is one of the most important questions. Frame it wisely and in accordance with the mood and the disposition of your girlfriend. Knowing about her future goals would help you in estimating your future life with her.

Whether the girl is oriented towards having a sharp edge in the business or is she more favorable to staying at home tells a lot about your compatibility with her. This again is a very important question to be put forward to your girlfriend. Ask her, very gently and of course very vaguely, about her perspectives on the role of woman in a relationship. Try to figure out from her answer her own disposition with you in the coming years.

You would also know if she is going to prove a nagging partner or an understanding one. Additionally, you can get a fair idea about her expectations from a relationship. Okay, guys! First and foremost, there is no point feeling envious about their last boyfriends because you too had your share of past relationships.

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Listen to your girlfriend carefully and try to understand her definition of an ideal relationship. You would also know how well can she sustain relationships and what are the absolute turn-offs for her when it comes to life partners.

Take note that this is one of the most serious questions and might offend her if asked out of context. Find a suitable time to ask her this question because well, as uncomfortable as it might be for her, this is an important question.

You will gather from her response whether she is a stable person or not, whether she is a habitual cheater or circumstances compelled her to be an infidel. You can make your move after knowing her personality well.

This question will tell you whether your girlfriend and potential life partner for long term commitments would prefer having you around almost always or would she like to have her own space as well. The frequency with which she used to meet with her ex-boyfriends would also prepare you mentally to invest that amount of time with her in the relationship. One of the most practical questions indeed!

Guys, you have to ask this question to your girlfriend to know how well would he be able to cope with the financial constraints in the future if any. Also, her definition of wastage on money would also give you adequate hints about how well does she manage the finances. See, relationships are not only about roses and chocolates; it is important to talk about realistic aspects of life as well.

It is hence necessary to know her expectations from her partner and you can calculate in your mind whether you are capable or fulfilling those expectations. This question sounds very random and could be asked on a casual date.

However, this is again one of the most ificant things to know about your girlfriend. After all, if you are interested in her, it is your responsibility to know what makes her happy and how does she manage stress so that you could be by her side efficiently when she would need you.

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We ask this question to our friends as well so knowing the same about your potential life partner is not a bad idea at all. Moreover, it will give you ample hints to know how can you set her mood alright if ever, she is angry at you. You would also get an idea about her sense of humor and her general taste when it comes to entertainment this way.

Of course, she would realize that you do deeply care about her and are interested in her life details. This would certainly make your bond stronger and would give you the assurance of wonderful and healthy long term relationship in the times to come. Good luck guys! The list contains questions for every occasion.

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Try to be as elaborate as you can. What are your life goals and ambitions?

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