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As a young adult, it made me angry when someone implied that men and women are different because that showed they were prejudiced. I saw that as the old, unenlightened thinking. I smugly believed I knew the truth: everyone was the same, regardless of gender. I knew how to be assertive, speak up for my rights, and correct others for their backward thinking. I was so hopelessly ignorant of the valuable contributions that I bring to my relationship and to the world as a woman that I tried to avoid seeming feminine.

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Women are exquisitely bizarre creatures. When it comes to relationships most women deep down inside want their man to take control, to be in charge, and to take care of everything. Women just want to let go and surrender.

To be taken. To be ravished.

How to stay true to your feminine energy in a relationship

To be taken care of. She senses his weakness. His impotence to rise to the occasion.

So she comes to a place where she is stuck because things are not working anymore. The control that she so much loved in the beginning has now become her prosecutor. Every human has these two energies within us. However, most women identify with their feminine essence and most men identify with their masculine essence. That is the essential difference between men and women that is driven by biology, evolutionary psychology, and other energetic and emotional factors.

The masculine represents our ability to make decisions, to go forward, to think and strategize, to take control, to progress and achieve, to lead and provide directions, and to be very much goal-oriented.

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The feminine represents our ability to surrender and let go; to let things happen and to be in the flow; to deeply trust and be in touch with our feelings more than with our thoughts. The feminine is interested in being more than doing.

Women are attracted to men who are solid and secure. Who know what they want. Who can take her by the hand and claim her as his woman. Who is sure, unwavering in the face of danger and strong in his ability to protect and provide. The prospect of leaving a relationship or marriage seems complicated and daunting but also quite refreshing and tingly at the same time.

How masculine and feminine energies impact relationships

Yes, it is possible. Once you start shifting the polarity dynamic in your relationship, one of the two things will happen:. When we work together, my job is to guide you into figuring this out on your own with my help. But you are the one to make that decision and to walk that path.

No-one else but you are living in their body, in your relationship and in your polarity dynamic.

More often than not it is women who bring themselves and their relationship to such a polarity role reversal. Men will go with the flow. They will take the easiest path to success.

Men always adjust their behavior according to the women they are with. Happy wife, happy life. And as the wife, you are indeed happy for a while. Control feels good. Being in charge and running the household feels powerful. He has become an extra weight that not only is not contributing to carrying the load of responsibilities but is actually draining you even more of your energy and your vital force.

How to stay deeply in love with a man — and keep him wanting you, too

I know this is hard to hear and digest. This is hard work but it pays off in the end.

Here are two things to remember:. Most importantly, stay positive!

How to be more feminine and soft – here are 5 relationship experts tips + insights

You deserve a much better life. You deserve to relax and be taken care of. Stand up for yourself, take charge of your own happiness and fulfillment. Show your children that a different way of doing relationships is possible.

A much more satisfying and gratifying way. In this training, I share the 3 key proven shifts that my clients and I have implemented in our lives so we can thrive as feminine essence women in our lives and our relationships. Get started.

How to be feminine and 10x more attractive

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