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I just seem to be angry at him all the time, even though he is a great husband and father. Do I need therapy?

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Anger is a natural and normal human emotion that tends to make its presence known in any relationship, even if it is not addressed at the person to whom it is being expressed.

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You need to communicatemore than you probably think necessary, that you accept him and love him, even though you may not be satisfied with some of his behaviors or responses.

Separate the actions from the man; affirm the man. Trudy and Phil have been married nine years, and they both work full-time. Trudy spends many evenings just trying to help Phil feel better about himself and his job. She fixes him a nice dinner, draws him a hot bath, cleans up the kitchen while he relaxes, then listens to him complain about work until bedtime. She irons his shirt, picks out a matching tie and socks, and makes his breakfast.

Trudy is trailing after him like a mother. If you find yourself playing a mothering role to the man in your life, he will never fully deal with the causes and crisis of his anger.

The way couples deal with anger can often make or break a relationship. don't settle for screaming matches and slamming doors. here, a therapist offers tips to help you effectively communicate anger in your relationship

The scared little boy will whine and fuss until you make it all better. You can transition from mother to friend in his life by lovingly placing in his hands those responsibilities and problems that he should deal with.

Nagging him to buck for promotions or beg for raises may only intensify his anger. Bugging him for a bigger house or newer car will only deepen his frustration that he has no more control at home than he has on the job. But if you become a wellspring of appreciation for the work that he does and the living he provides, you will lift some of the pressure from his life. So he resorted to the management-training program for a fast-food chain. The job helps pay the bills, but James is embarrassed about being the crew chief in an assembly-line taco stand.

She continues to affirm him as a talented and useful employee.

7 ways to help your husband with his anger

In the meantime, the taco place is lucky to have you. Compliment him for the character qualities he exercises or needs to exercise in his job: patience, perseverance, determination, creativity, etc.

Appreciate him for the effort. They feel inferior in comparison to the ideal man their wives are badgering them to become. Once again they are not in control of their lives. Give your husband plenty of room.

Then back off to pray and wait. Pushing your man to solve his anger may cause him to make some cursory changes to get you off his back. When you step back and give God room to work, the changes may be ificant and enduring.

We live in an age of instant gratification. We can travel thousands of miles in hours; we can transact business in seconds with our high-speed computers, cell phones, and cable shopping channels.

We hate to wait. This subconscious urgency we all share for fast may get in the way, however, when it comes to the process of helping a man defuse his anger. It may take your husband weeks, months, or years to fully heal from the causes and of anger in his life. He verbally popped off to his boss by contradicting his orders and undermined his leadership by bad-mouthing him to other employees.

His wife pleaded with his boss to give him a second chance, which he refused to do. Doing so only allows the problem to continue; it never stops the problem. You may feel like asking him to move out until he has better control of his temper or habits. Love, forgiveness, and acceptance are qualities to be given freely, not to be held hostage for ransom.

Can anger at your spouse be overcome?

He needs your friendship, not your judgment. God will use your openness, kindness, and willingness to go the second mile to aid in his healing.

Please pray and talk your spouse about ing our group on Anger at our next New Life Weekend. Used by permission of New Life Ministries. New Life Ministries has a variety of resources on men, women, and relationships. Read This! See Steve Arterburn's Books.

Why am i so angry at my husband?

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