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Cami Renzoni is a creative writer and editor for The Recovery Village. As an advocate for behavioral health, Cami is certified in

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Back to Healthy body. It can be difficult to talk about drugs with your. Use these tips to help you talk openly with your. Wait until you're calm before discussing it with them, and show them love and concern rather than anger. Do no try to talk to your child about drugs when they're in a rush — for example, before they leave for school.

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Take a beat and prepare for the important conversation ahead. Some brief preparation now can lay a foundation for more positive outcomes ahead.

There are ways to answer honestly that keep the emphasis less on you, and more on what you want for your. Focus on the fact that substances affect everyone differently. Focus on the issue at hand.

You want to keep your child healthy and safe, and this means avoiding substance use. Remember that your primary responsibility is to protect their well-being. If you think the conversation will be uncomfortable for you, imagine how your child will feel. Be prepared for them to say things to shock you, deny even the most convincing evidence, accuse you of distrust or worse.

Things will go more smoothly if you have a desired outcome for the initial conversation with your. It may be unrealistic to expect them to admit to use and pledge to stop. Before initiating the conversation, think through the rules you would like to put in place, and what the consequences of breaking them will be. This can help clarify the goal of your conversation, and help you set a clear next step. Read further on Setting Limits and Monitoring Behavior.

You can explain that their genes make them more vulnerable, creating even more reason to avoid substances.

Understand the situation

It's stressful to help your child struggling with substance use. It's harder when you and your partner don't agree on how to do it. What if your child is struggling with substance use and their mental health, like depression anxiety or ADHD, at the same time? Take action to address drug and alcohol use early. Learn how talk with your child and have a productive conversation addressing their substance use. Providing some kind of reward to increase the chances that a healthy behavior will be repeated is central to helping change your child's substance use.

Get on the same .

Remind each other that nobody is to blame. Even if you disagree, commit to presenting a united front.

Pledge not to undermine or bad-talk each other. Remind each other to come from a place of love when talking to your. Prepare to be called a hypocrite.

Underscore how hard it is to stop as an adult and that you want to help your child to avoid making the same mistakes. Gather any evidence. Common hiding places include: Dresser drawers, beneath or between clothes Desk drawers Small boxes — jewelry, pencil, etc.

Backpacks, purses or other bags Under a bed In a plant, buried in the dirt Between or inside books In containers deed to conceal — fake lipstick tubes, fake soda cans, etc.

Prepare to be called a hypocrite

Inside over—the—counter medicine containers Tylenol, Advil, etc. Expect anger, resolve to remain calm. Resolve to remain calm, no matter what your child says. Try not to be baited into responding with anger of your own.

If the conversation gets heated, take a pause and pick it back up again later. Set a realistic goal. Keep expectations to a minimum, especially if this is your first conversation. Set a small goal and move toward it, one step at a time. Establish clear rules and consequences.


Be sure your spouse or co-parent is prepared to enforce these rules. Recognize any addiction in the family. On This. Written By. Partnership Staff. Published February Use Positive Reinforcement to Help Change Behavior Providing some kind of reward to increase the chances that a healthy behavior will be repeated is central to helping change your child's substance use.