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It is important to take the idea of learning How To Love a Woman seriously. It is not sufficient to be nice to her and hope that will do the job.

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. At least this is what we have been told. There was a book written with that title awhile back and to me, it served to create the illusion that men and women are polar opposites in terms of species and have little hope of ever really understanding each other. What this author did not realize is that men as individuals are very different from each other. The same is true with women. Not all women are alike.

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In a relationship, we want to know how to love our partner in a way that makes them feel loved. So you've finally found the one and now you're looking for ways to make her feel loved. When you love someone, your goal is to be in a successful and healthy relationship with them.

Words among the stars⋆

Unfortunately, as the old title says, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men and women are so fundamentally different that sometimes it hard to imagine how any relationship can ever work. So, what do women want in their relationships?

I am here to tell you that successful and healthy relationships are entirely possible to achieve. As a matter of fact, I'm in one. And there are many things my guy does everyday that make me feel loved and you can, too. So, tell me the truth.

How many times have you told your woman a lie to protect her and keep her from getting hurt? How many times have you figured that what your woman doesnt' know won't hurt her? When she reaches out, he curtly responds.

The difficult and the not-so-complicated.

When she wants to do something, he vaguely makes an excuse. He is waiting for her to walk away from him. So many of my clients tell me that if their guy would just tell them the truth, then they would be able to make a decision about whether to fish or cut bait instead of having to sit around, wondering about his behavior. So, if you have done something that you know might upset your woman, tell her! If you are going to work late, tell her, even if you think it will upset her.

It will upset her more if, when dinner is on the table, she gets a text from you saying that you won't be home. Be proactive. I promise that one of the most effective ways to make your women feel loved is to respect her strength and be honest with her, even if you are scared of how she might react.

Andknow that if you try to keep a secret from your woman it will, eventually, come out. And when it does, her trust in you will be violated and good luck coming back from that one. I know, I know. Life is busy. There are work and friends and sports and mothers and kids and pets and chores and they all take up a lot of time. That being said, while all of those things are important, the most important thing is right How to love a women front of you —your woman.

What would you do, then? When your golf game needs some work, you practice more often. If a project at work is particularly challenging, you stay late to get it done right. I suggested that he not play golf one Saturday a month and make that a Saturday just for them. What happened?

Listen to understand, not to speak

His wife was thrilled to spend more time with him and she felt special because she knew that he was giving up time doing something he loved for her. Her distance immediately disappeared and they have a lot of fun on those Saturdays.

I can promise you that, even if your woman knows that you love her, she wants to hear it from you. Because every woman and most men like to be told how, and why, they are special to you. Today my beau and I were discussing how he didn't have many habits that bugged me.

Attention, my mistress

Clearly telling me how much he cares about me gets him out of a whole lot of trouble every day and makes our relationship stronger. Here's a funny story. My client was stumped by her behavior. As a woman, I can tell you what the reality was.

What happened was that his wife was in pain after stubbing her toe and she needed to put some words to that pain. Women do have emotions and women are way more likely than men to display those emotions. Her emotions might seem big and unmanageable to you and you might do everything that you can possibly do to avoid them being on display. She will know that you see her and that you trust her and that you understand and respect her feelings.

It might seem hard to believe, but life and love will go on if your wife has a big cry at the end of a long day.

How to love a woman

The camera pans left and we see that she has a nail coming out of her forehead. The camera pans to the man who tries to point out the nail and suggests that removing it might ease the pressure. She gets mad because he is always trying to fix her when she just wants him to listen. When he does just that, she calms down and kisses him.

Effective communication isn’t always through words

Or, at least, tries to. Women want to be seen and heard and not fixed.

If you can take away one thing from this article let it be this one. Next time our woman is distressed, sit there, listen, acknowledge what she says and be empathetic. Don't try to fix her!

Unfortunately, in so many ways, men and women struggle to understand what each other needs and so they stab around in the dark, trying to do the best that they can. Well, here I am, a woman and a life coach, telling you what you can do to make your woman feel loved. Be honest with her, make time, talk to her, don't be frightened of her emotions and don't try to fix her!

If you can do these for her, you will make great inro into making your woman feel loved. You can do it! She works with all kinds of people to help them go from depressed and overwhelmed to confident and happy in their relationships and in their world.

Learn more.

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