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It seems a simple question: five words inviting a plain yes-or-no answer: "Do you believe in God?

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I guess I was an apatheist. Believing in God was irrelevant to me. I have dedicated my life to reaching people who are far from having faith in God. God has given Christians the mission of leading people to faith and, in America, our mission field keeps getting bigger.

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Maybe they wondered about my motives.

Or maybe they had no idea how to answer. Most of their responses were, "Well, you just know.

How an atheist found god

I wasn't trying to be difficult. But I certainly did not "just know. After many months of this, I thought, "Here are the people who say they believe in God, but no one knows why!

Maybe some people needed to believe in God but clearly there was no proof. No objective evidence.

I came to the most stark conclusion God did not actually exist. I held this belief for years, not expecting it to ever change. But then I met someone who caused me to become interested in the possibility of God. She was How to make someone believe in god, kind, and very intelligent. It bothered me that someone that intelligent could believe in God. She talked about God like he was her closest friend. She was convinced he deeply loved her. I knew her life well. Any concern she would take to God, trusting him to work it out or care for her in some way.

She would tell me, quite candidly, that she was merely praying that God would act upon her concerns. For over a year, I regularly saw what seemed to be answers to her prayers. I watched her life through a myriad of circumstances, and her faith in God was unwavering.

So, I wanted to believe in God on one hand, because I admired her life and her love for others. But I couldn't believe in something against my intellect, against my better judgment. God did not exist.

A nice idea, but that was all. Wanting something to be true, doesn't make it true. I tried something that I'm not sure many people do. Every few weeks, I would study a particular philosopher's take on life Nietzsche, Hume, Dostoevsky, Sartre, Plato, etc.

I was looking for the perfect, workable philosophy for life. I found over and over, that either their philosophies seemed lacking, or were too impractical to implement. But I kept searching.

9 reasons people don’t believe in god

I was challenging my friend with every question that came to mind about God. I would find myself writing out questions late in the evening. This went on for well over a year. One day she handed me a book 1 that briefly answered questions like, is there a God; is Jesus God; what about the Bible.

It presented facts. No comments like, "you have to believe. I saw some evidence for God that was both factual and logical. The parts particularly convincing to me were the properties of water and the earth's position to the sun.

It was all too perfectly deed, too perfectly put together. My faith in "nothing behind it all" seemed weaker than the possibility of God. I then encountered a situation that fully challenged my current philosophy on life. What I had been putting my faith in proved to be completely insufficient.

It shocked me to see that I was at a loss for a fully reliable approach to life. However, the situation resolved itself and I moved ahead. I have a pretty steady personality. Throughout my life, I never really felt "needy. No big gaps or struggles. And certainly nothing I felt guilty about. But the concept of God was something I couldn't get off my mind One night I was talking to my friend again, and she knew I had all the information I needed.

She knew that I had run out of questions to ask. Yet I was still trying to debate, prove my atheism was rational. In one clear, abrupt moment, my friend turned to me and said, "You know, I can't make this decision for you, and God's not going to wait forever.

And I immediately knew she was right. I was playing around with a very important decision.

When you say you believe in god, what do you mean?

So I went home and decided that I was going to decide. I was going to either believe in God or I was going to end the subject forever and never allow myself to consider the possibility of God again. I was tired of dealing with this decision. I was tired of thinking about it. So, for the next three or four hours, I reviewed everything I How to make someone believe in god read and observed.

I evaluated it all. Some of the facts that convinced me appear in this article, "Is There a God? The human eye's ability to distinguish seven million colors and handle 1. The 3 billion DNA chemicals in each human cell, which act like a computer program. The start of the universe and much more. Such precision and intricate interdependencies made it seem illogical to say it all came about by chance. Also, historical evidence about Jesus and the reliability of the Bible further pointed to this most rational conclusion: God, a knowledgeable power infinitely greater than ourselves does exist.

This was no longer deniable.

Just intellectually concluding God existed was way too light. It would be like deciding Faith in an airplane means nothing. However, if you need to get somewhere and an airplane is the way, you have to decide to act and actually get on the plane. After a few hours of thought I addressed God, "Ok you win.

I ask you to come into my life, and you may do with it whatever you'd like.

My experience, part 2 – further evidence of god

The next morning I still had tons of questions, but now they were about God. I felt I had just taken the first step and now wanted to get to know this God in whom I now believed. How does God view our lives? What does he value? What does he want me to know about him? As I read the Bible it seemed that God was spelling out who he is and how he viewed this relationship with him. It was amazing.

What really surprised me is how often he talked about his love. I hadn't expected that.

In my mind, I was simply acknowledging God's existence. It was a logical conclusion that God exists. I had no expectations of him, but as I read the Bible, he chose to communicate his love to me. That was a surprise. Now, my basic, skeptical nature was still there.

The first few months or year, I would ask myself, "Am I really believing in God? And, why am I? To me, it's like the foundation of a building. It's like someone driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. They can feel whatever they'd like about the bridge. In the same way, the objective reality of God--the logical, historical, scientific reasons to believe in his existence, are important to me.

There are people who don't seem to need that. But I hate being fooled, and I have little regard for wishful thinking.