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Elite chica found guy How to talk your girlfriend into giving you head for flirts

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User Name Remember Me? I always do a lil stimuation of the girl first, gotta get her got, then start talkin all dirty until she goes along with it, then move on up and get it slappin on her face, usually goes good from there Share the knowledge. It mostly just depends on the girl.

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By PysalNovember 1, in Sex and Romance.

This really isn't for me, it's for my friend. My girl just. My friend though, he's been going out with his girl for.

Something like that. And he wants her to give him a bj, but he doesnt want to insult her or pressure her.

I never had to ask, so i couldnt help him. I figured someone out there might be able to offer a bit of advice? Truthfully you don't ask because it is rude and she may think that it is very nasty like i do.

It's called mutual pleasure. If he's willing to go down on her, then the favor is more than likely to be returned. There are a lot of girls who just don't want to do it though so never expect it to happen. It's almost degrading to some. Has your friend gone down on her?? Some girls myself included! Hey, you'll never know unless you ask her. Maybe she's just waiting for you to tell her taht you would like her to do that.

I know that's what happened with me and my bf asked me to do it, and it didn't bother me one bit I also don't think you should ask her to, just in case she's not into that kind of thing. Anyways, one day when you two are talking, bring up oral sex or something like that.

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Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. By Popi33 Started July By susanhelp Started Saturday at PM. All Activity Home How do you ask a girl for "head" How do you ask a girl for "head" friend. Share More sharing options Followers 0.

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People of both genders live and work longer which renders sexual exclusivity impracticable ; travel far and away frequently; and are exposed to tempting romantic alternatives via social networking and in various workplace and social settings.

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